Recommend Me a Company That Installs Garden Sheds In Hills District Sydney

I'm looking at a shed at least 3x3 (up to 4x5m squared) to put in my backyard for storage and possibly a "workshop/hobby area".

I'm in Sydney, NSW. Hills district.

I haven't decided where to put it yet specifically in the backyard
Option 1: On Grass
Option 2: On Pavement

Either way; I would prefer (based on quick googling) to have some concrete slabs underneath.

I am after a company that will do all of it. I know the above mentioned dimensions are the maximum size before I need council approval.

Looking for any recommendations on good quality/companies.

Have you had one installed recently? I've seen timber and aluminium ones; flat roof etc….

Open to all opinions - thanks!

PS - I have a close external powerpoint nearby and may consider somehow hooking in power. This is not a MUST in the beginning though.
Bare minimum is a shed for storage.