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20% off Selected LEGO at David Jones (e.g. 71043 Hogwarts Castle, 75810 Stranger Things, etc.)


Rather than endure a new post for each LEGO set DJs has on sale, just use the provided link:


Note some good ones are already sold out. Dayam.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Some of these sets can be had for less elsewhere if you're patient. I'm waiting for DJs / Myer / BigW to do 20% off the Mos Eisley Cantina.

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    After clicking thru to DJ or any other retailer’s website for Lego, the first thing I usually do is sort the price from high to low. 😅

  • Got a order through for the castle to get rid of my gift cards .
    And its going to fall fast :)

  • Weird that the Assembly Square is classified as Technic, and doesn't apply a discount. Maybe just a database error?


    • I think Creator Expert was excluded anyway.

  • LEGO castle gone? Sad

    • Oops no. Just didn’t come up in the search. D’oh.

  • I have 4 castles left .

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    I can't get over what they are charging for the dot pictures. Insanity. I hope nobody buys them. Worth $50 maybe, not $180.

    • People are willing to pay it, unfortunately. I’m not a fan.

      • I doubt they are? Needs a monkey kid discount (50%)

        • I can see someone building the 4 beetles . Not the 4 Monroe's .
          Its near 50% off with stacking now .

          • @popsiee: What stack?

            Pm me if needed

            • @justtoreply: Only ones left now is Monroe and Star Wars for $129 with 6% cashback and 4% gift card @ Amazon gets it to around $118 . That is 41% off and Beatles gone .
              I'd want 60% off to have some interest :)

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      but it's aaaart darling

      • It's more like paint by numbers.

        The appropriate comparison is buying a hand painted canvas from an Asian sweatshop.. About $15 on eBay.

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