Vivo Y12 Battery Fault

Hi, has anyone had poor battery performance with a Vivo Y12 mobile?

I purchased 2 of them late last year for my parents, and considering they ONLY use them for phone calls, they now barely get a full days use out of it, and it has a 5000mAh battery.

I have a 2 yo OnePlus 5T with a 3300mAh battery and easily still get 1.5-2days usage.

Will be contacting Jbhifi about it, but just curious if anyone else has had battery issues. Would prefer a straight swap rather than they lose mobiles whilst being sent for repairs.


  • JB always ask for evidence, but other than a battery monitoring app that can show something… I don't know how you'll prove this unless someone can take a video of the phone/s draining battery quite quickly…. but then comes the question of 'what are you doing with the phone'… so you can see the complication. Hopefully whoever is working at JB that day is pretty cool about it and it's just a straight swap.

  • Does it show what is using most of the battery in settings, battery, battery usage stats?

  • I would look into the useage and if any apps have been installed that are causing the battery drain