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30% off Selected Black Leggings - $27.00 + Shipping @ BlackMilk Clothing


Good price for quality leggings that have become my WFH staple.
I recommend the Matte Black HW Pocket Leggings: https://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/on-sale-leggings/m...

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  • Is the company's name a Todesfuge reference?

  • I can vouch for the quality. These are probably my favourite brand to buy, they last a lot longer than kmart ones.

  • Borrowed a friend's Galaxy leggings for a Halloween costume. As a 5'7" guy. I have to say, incredible.
    I see they have Johnny Silverhand leggins. ooooooooooo

    • They seriously are very comfortable. I've been waiting to see if the plain black would go on sale the last couple of months as I keep having my pair in the wash I wear them so often..
      The Cyberpunk ones aren't on sale though… :P

      • Seriously comfy to wear. And yeah they're not on sale, will wait for them hopefully to be on sale.

    • Do you remember what size you take by any chance? I'm same height but a bit unsure of the size chart converting without bust, etc. I'm medium-ish build.

      • Honestly can't remember. My friend was shorter than me, so she would be have been a small size.
        They do stretch quite nicely though, without tearing.