Can I Use Multiple E Gift Cards on

I am about to buy a fridge at harvey norman. I think I will buy some e gift cards via suncorp app or shopback. Do they accept more than one card in a single transaction?

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Yes, we did it last year for our fridge (5 vouchers total). Bought them online in the shop for the exact amount once we had confirmed the price and delivery fee

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    Yes, used 7 vouchers in one transaction to buy a Miele washer and dryer.

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    yes, I used 10 for my iPhone. There's no limit for online gift card redemption, which is probably the only good thing about HN

  • Merged from Buying a Fridge at Harvey Norman with 10x $200 Gift Cards?

    Hey my favourite people,

    As the subject says, I'm about to cash in my CC rewards (Amplify Bank Of Melbourne) for 2k's worth of Harvey's gift cards at $200 each as that's the highest I can select. Has anyone done anything similar? Would they accept 10 x $200 cards + some cash?



  • No longer on Suncorp :(

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