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[PC] Steam - Free to play weekend - Endless Legend Emperor Ed./Endless Space 2 Dlx Ed./Dungeon of the Endless Cryst. Ed. - Steam


Another free to play weekend, this time for three 4X games from AMPLITUDE Studios. Good opportunity to try before you buy.

Dungeon of the Endless™ - Crystal Edition: https://store.steampowered.com/app/249050/Dungeon_of_the_End...

Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition: https://store.steampowered.com/app/289130/Endless_Legend__Em...


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  • These deals are like the free sample stalls in a supermarket. They're not worthy of a post.

    • They are considered deals. Live with it and get over it.

    • Agreed. If this is worthy of a post I guess I should post a deal for each library as you can choose from thousands of books for free temporarily.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584764

      some free play weekends are a deal apparently…

      • That deal isn't games free for a weekend, they are the PS+ games (People subscribed to PS+ can add them to their account, they aren't just valid for that weekend). The "Free Multiplayer Weekend" part is just that multiplayer features will be available to people who don't have PS+ for that weekend at no charge.

        • Ohhhh. Haha you can clearly tell I'm a PC gamer =P mybad.

          • @incipient: Once subscription is over you cannot play the games anymore.
            So, pretty similar to something where you can play a full game for a limited time and that time ends.
            There are many deals like this and they are recognised as such. There are some people though that seem to not be able to accept that and keep complaining each and every time.

  • These "free trials" should really always be a thing. There are so many games I've picked up. Played for an hour and thought "ehhh" and never touched again.

  • A "free trial" is not a deal. A free trial is like a Change of Mind returns policy.

    A deal is when I get to keep the item.

    • So a free Lamborghini rental for a weekend is not a deal even though you don't get to keep the item? I think many people will disagree.

      Or all the subs where you you don't get to keep or rather use the games or movies if the sub is not active anymore?

      Remember, this is access to the full game, not just a demo level or stage - this makes it a deal.

  • this is no way a deal

    it's not even a trial or a demo as you dont get to keep a copy

    essentially it's just more spam posts in the sub,

    as you say live with it and get over it.