eBay Seller Requests Extra $200 for Delivery after 2 Weeks of Transaction

29/1 Today I received the package. To my disappointment, there are so many essential items got missing. Basically half of the machine components are missing

23/1: The problem has been resolved. Seller had let me know that I don't have to pay for that extra $200 any more.


3 weeks ago I found an Ebay seller listing a Dito Sama machine for $2750. I asked for the cost of postage and was told $60 shipping from Queensland to Victoria. I asked the seller if she was willing to let go at $2000. After a few days of deliberation, she agreed and sent me an offer of $2000.

I accepted the offer on the 9th of January and made the payment with PayPal. The offer only had free shipping as an option so I thought it was a bit odd. After a few emails with the seller, it turned out that she thought I wanted to pick up the item. She sent me another PayPal request of $60 for delivering. I paid immediately and expected to receive the tracking number on the following Tuesday (12/1).

I waited until Friday (15/1) to ask about the tracking number again. She replied that she was sick so she promised to post the item on Monday the 18th.

Monday (18/1) got an email confirmation from her that the item was sent but still didn't provide the tracking number. I asked for it a few more times.

Friday (22/1)- Received a tracking number with another PayPal request of $200. I checked the tracking number and the website stated it cannot find that tracking number. Seller then admitted that she only sent it today. She said the actual cost of delivering was $259 as the machine was quite heavy. I think it is about 30.5 kgs.

I was shocked as I didn't expect to pay that much for the delivery. That was the reason I had asked for the postage cost upfront.

I told her that she should have asked me first about the extra cost before sending out today then I would be okay for her to cancel the transaction. Her reply was I can return it after I receive it but I have to pay for the return postage. I suggested that she cancles the delivery as it was only sent out today but she said it was too late.

I feel it is unreasonable to bill me extra $200 after the completed transaction and without consulting with me first. Then after receiving the item, I have to pay again for postage to have it sent it back. Looks like PayPal only covers $45.

My friend told me to raise NRI as soon as possible as it might be a scam. I am reluctant to do so because the machine might arrive and I would be out of money again to send it back.

I wonder if you have any advice on this? What would you do in my situation?

9/1 - Bought a Dito Sama machine on Ebay for $2000. Seller initially charged $60 for postage.

22/1 Seller sent an invalid tracking number. Reason was given: item only posted today. Seller sent another PayPal invoice of $200 for delivery. Total cost of delivery was $259.
Seller said I can return the item but I have to pay for the return postage.

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  • You're not liable to pay the extra $200 over and above the original invoice and payment recorded in eBay. If you wish to do so is entirely your discretion and dependent on where you morally stand on legitimate added cost vs not being advised beforehand.

    I would wait couple days and see if tracking updates. If not, raise a item not-received case in https://resolutioncentre.ebay.com.au/

    There's nothing to worry about here. Rest easy.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful advice. I will wait until Monday then to check the tracking number.

  • This is disturbing. I read alot of Ebay purchases and this is just odd from the seller. If they are a genuine seller and had they sold alot of items with 100% feedback with minimal negative feedback. Was it maybe a first time seller.

    • It doesn't seem she is a first time seller as she has a few items for sale. However, she did mention that it was the first heavy item that she sent. Most of her items are clothes under $100. The machine is the most odd one.

    • I just checked her listings and she has removed all of them. That is strange. Yesterday they were still there.

  • You asked the cost of postage, she told you the cost of postage, $60. After that you made the decision to purchase based on this and the cost of the item itself. After that its outside your hands, if they chose to send you the item even if the postage was significantly more expensive then that's the senders problem, not yours.

    Wait for the item, then that is as far as you need to respond. You shouldn't have to pay for their stupidity and you have no obligation to do so.

    • courier please website has a quote for deliver with signature of package 55cm x 55cm x 50cm x 32kgs for $78.41. I don't know why pack and send is 3 times more expensive than courier please.

      • Pack and send pack it as well, they are always way more expensive, your seller sounds like they don't know what they are doing.

  • The seller is being ridiculous. You might have been able to send it for the $60 by Officeworks Mailman and any large change should be pre-approved.

  • Just don't pay the extra postage? You have paid the agreed amount. I've underestimated postage before (not to this extent), and I just eat the cost, as it is my fault for being lazy and guessing instead of checking properly.

    • I wonder if $200 was too much for the seller to swallow so she wanted to pass it to me.

      • It seems so, but it isn't your fault that she gave you the wrong price, and then chose the most expensive courier she could possibly find.

        Just ignore the PayPal request, if the item shows up, great. If it doesn't, file item not received. There is no way you lose in this transaction.

  • I don't think you should worry about the $200 right now, whether you get the product is the greater question.

    • I am not sure how to cancle the request invoice in PayPal as it shown everytime I use PayPal app. PayPal wouldn't automatically take my money with this request would they?

  • Don't pay it. She's lucky you even paid $60 since that wasn't in the original ebay invoice. If you have to get a refund you might lose the $60 as it is in a separate transaction.

  • Even if the postage was more they should EAT the cost and get over it and move on already, if it's already sent to you there nothing they can do anyway

  • You definitely should not pay it now, but if you're feeling kind, you could send her some extra money once you've received it and have used it for at least a couple of weeks to make sure there's nothing wrong with it.

  • I suspect seller is trying to recover part of eBay fees from the sale. Probably forgot when they accepted offer of $2000 it was actually really $1800 after fees.

    • Wow… I didn't know Ebay charges so much for the fee. If a seller cancles the transaction, would Ebay still charges them fee?

      • No. But PayPal will.

      • For an regular seller who doesn’t have a store fees are 10.9%, that’s why a lot of small time sellers wait till they have a promo for $0 or $1 final value fees.

        PayPal is from memory $0.30 plus 2.3% of the total.

        Canceled transaction Ebay will issue a credit Paypal now I believe changed to not credit fee when refunded.

        • Thanks for the info. I guess that is another reason seller decline to cancle the transaction. Either way she still lose money.

      • 10.9% I learned it the hard way by selling a surface laptop set at 2k

  • You’ve done the right thing asking postage upfront.

    The seller shouldn’t ask for any extra.

  • Updated: I rang the Pack and Send store to enquiry about the cost. Turn out it is actually $259 as she paid for the service for them to pack up the item for her. The insurance for the $2000 item is $150 (that covers if the item got stolen from the store). Couldn't believe that insurance would cost that much with Pack and Send company.

    Courier Please only charge $1.10 for every $1000 insured but that would requires $100 excess fee.

    The item is still in the shop as they only post it on Monday. I emailed her to let her know that she can come to collect it again until Monday instead of me posting the item back to her. Not sure if she wants to do that. I couldn't believe that it is such an unpleasant transaction.

    • Not sure why you didn't just wait for it to arrive and then refuse to send it back unless she was going to pay for return shipping.

      You were 100% in the right to accept delivery and keep it.

    • I don't know why you are going to so much effort with this. You paid the agreed amount. Stop calling pack and send, stop talking to the seller. Wait for the item to arrive, then enjoy it. The end.

  • If you’ve received it, just keep it. Transaction is done and seller can’t request for more money. If the seller wants it returned, too bad so sad for the seller. Don’t return it unless you don’t want it. If you do return it, you’ll lose the $60 that you paid to her outside of eBay and you’ll end up having to pay for some of the return fees.

    If you’ve not received it, just file a dispute on eBay for “item not received.” You’ll get your money back from the original transaction (aside from the $60 done outside of eBay). This way, it’ll essentially be a forced refund from eBay’s end and if seller already paid the postage but didn’t ship it, too bad so sad for the seller.

    • +1 vote

      No, I have not received it as it will be leaving the depot on Monday next week. She just wrote to me I should receive it by Wednesday. She also mentioned that I don't have to pay for that extra $200 any more.

      I think the problem has been resolved. Like Quantumcat has suggested, if I am satisfied with the product, I could offer to pay some of it if not all at the later time.

      Once again thank you for your great support.

  • Today I received the package. To my disappointment, there are so many essential items got missing. Basically half of the machine components are missing:

    A 4,5 lt stainless steel cutter bowl
    A transparent lid
    A scraper
    A microtoothed blade rotor

    A plastic blade inside the cutting chamber (to remove the food from the chamber)
    A long vegetable hopper.
    A manual

    I don't understand why they wrote it was a brand new combination machine and even said an RRP price was $4392!

    Below is a picture of what I actually received

    Its components.
    I don't even know if there is any more missing component as I don't have a manual.

    The items circled in red are the missing ones

    • Sounds like item not as described.

      If you can find replacement parts from ditosama . com(or electrolux) at a good price maybe still a good buy but if not,
      I'd file a dispute for item not as described and get a full refund and return it to seller at their expense.

      Not a manual but it may help,



      • Thanks.

        I waited for a whole day for the seller to get back to me but she still didn't reply. So I have decided to raise the dispute with Ebay as suggested.

        The brand new Dito Sama Vegetable Slicer is only around $2500 brand new from the store. While the machine I got is a non functional Vegetable Slicer because it is missing an Ejector and a Pusher.

        The Vegetable Slicer is dangerous to use without the Pusher and Ejector. The function of the Ejector is helping in eliminating a risk of an operator access to the evacuation chute. The machine could not even turn on without the Ejector.

        The function of the Pusher is to push the food into the Small Feed Hopper or to close the hole of the Small Feed Hopper when not in use. Its function is also another a safety feature.