Has Anyone Brought The Duel Artiss Monitor Mount

So I saw on eBay that an artiss duel monitor mount for $81 and was originally $226. This price seems kinda sus as it seems to have been on sale for months. The arm appears pretty good on paper but don't know if the product itself is good. Has anyone gotten one and if so what is it like?

here is a link to the page:

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  • 2 single mounts are better than 1 dual mount, they will offer more flexible placement of the screens.

    The North Bayou ones that regularly come up on special are fine for the most part, but note that some monitors with recessed mounts might not be compatible.

  • Do you demand satisfaction?
    Or is it a sequel to the movie?

  • I can't speak to this exact product but I've run two Artiss dual mounts and they have worked a treat.

    Mine doesn't have the gas spring gauge which makes it a bit more technical but I've been very happy with my Artiss mounts. Hope this helps.