Channel 9 Ad - $5 Pizzas Delivered

I saw an ad on channel 9 yesterday thing said something about $5 pizzas now delivered for free and I missed which pizza place it was for. I thought it was dominos but when I pick a $5 pizza for delivery the price skyrockets to $10-18 straight away. Did anyone else see this ad?


  • $5 delivered to your car (in their car park)

    • Thanks I was trying to work out what the catch is. Wasn't it free delivery to your car from the start (from when they started offering this I mean)?

  • Since we're on this topic, what do people think about the car park delivery service? I thought it was good the first couple of times but then I realised it is much quicker if I just go in the store and collect it myself.

    • Only got pizza once last year, went in to pick it up because I know that store is always pretty quiet.

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      Yeah that's why it's a joke. Last time I used their "app" to mention that I arrived in my car and provided my plate, waiting in the car park.

      15 minutes past, I went inside, got my pizza almost instantly.

      I didn't blame them though, they were swamped with orders since it was dinner time, but still, why offer something if it's almost impossible to fulfil during peak times?

  • i do feel a bit sad for these pizzas- $5 ..seriously how much does the heating, etc cost…or do they just make the money on sides/extras?

  • No one hates the $5 pizza more than the franchise owner. From an article I read a couple of years ago they hated the phone ringing, because each order cost them money. I think it was a SA franchise.

  • Pretty sure pizza hut do free delivery Thursday. Not sure on minimum spend etc.