I Buy Two Items from Amazon. One Transaction. Both Track. One Rejected. Do You Know Why?

Hi do you know why this would be the case? Both tracked but one rejected. I used cashrewards. I did not return any. Thank you

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    Were the items from different categories? I've found that those from categories that have 0% cashback will track but be rejected in the end.


      ouch. you are right…. one was home improvement and one was electronics….. serves me right for not reading


    UPDATE: I looked on the cashback amount history. I bought on 30 October 2020. Cashback amounts back then were 10% Amazon Devices and 5% Electronics. It doesn't mention Home Improvements being zero like the later edits do: https://imgur.com/a/6PI8lkP

    Does anyone know if this means back then there was only cashback on 10% Amazon Devices and 5% Electronics. Nothing else?

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    There's also this weird thing that happens when you get free shipping where the subtotal adds the shipping and then subtracts it. So your actual cashback ends up being what you paid minus GST minus the "free shipping" which isn't "free". Bit of rip that…


      i did not know that thank you