[VIC] 15% off e.g. ~2kg TAS Sashimi Salmon $26/kg; ~1kg Huon Cold Smoked Salmon $33 (Free Del >$120) @ Melbourne Seafood Market


Just noticed I received an email from MSM earlier this week with promo code for 15% off storewide.
I know a few people have flagged order issues in their previous posts, but I’ve ordered several times, as has family, and fortunately never had a problem, and the quality is fantastic!

Our regular faves are:
-Huon premium cold smoked salmon fillet (~800g-1kg): currently $33.07 after discount (VS $8.50/100g at Coles/Woolworths), or 3 pack for $27.46/ea, which freezes well
-Sashimi grade Tasmanian skinless/boneless salmon fillet (~2kg): currently $51.77 after discount, or 3 pack for $48.42/ea. This is amazing as sashimi, sliced fresh with soy sauce!

There’s no specific deal fine print in the email, but email description is:
Australia Day is nearly upon us, Melbourne Seafood Market will be closed on Australia Day but we will be open on Monday the 25th to help supply you with all your seafood needs to chuck on the BBQ!

What better way to celebrate Australia Day & 2021 than to get together with friends and family and have a good time! So why not celebrate Australia Day with us and have 15% OFF this month with discount code: MSM2021

Assuming from the email the deal runs til end of January.
Free Next Day delivery (Mon-Sat) with minimum order of $120, otherwise delivery from $10.


EDIT: confirmed by SNAI679 that this code is still working as at 17/02/21 - given email wording indicated expiry end of month (Jan), no idea when it will be cutoff, so give it a go and flag if/when you see it’s expired!

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  • Thanks, haven't ordered from them before. Good for my low carb, low sugar diet.

    To get free shipping I ordered:

    Smoked Salmon Tasmanian Huon x3

    NZ Green Lip Mussel Meat (1kg)

    Pink Snapper Fillet (Sashimi Grade)

    Yellowfin Tuna Steaks

    • Nice one! We stocked up on the smoked salmon as well, Huon really is noticeably better than the norwegian/normal salmon I find!
      Would be curious to hear what you think of the pink snapper; that’s a new product I think, was contemplating grabbing some myself!


  • Please deliver to NSW - Syd fish markets are a rip

    • The markets here are still pretty pricey too! I think these guys changed during COVID lockdown to allow retail ordering but have continued it; might be worth googling to see if any wholesalers in Syd are doing similar?! :)

  • We can make some sushis and sashimis!

  • Do they do click and collect? Or can we get them directly ? Thanks

    • The company is based in West Melbourne, but pretty sure they currently offer delivery only (perhaps you could call and enquire though!).
      On a side note, I saw on their Facebook page they are looking into setting up a retail shop front and oyster bar, so might have pickup available in future.

  • Don't forget, you can order direct from Huon Salmon for delivery anywhere in Australia if you're not in Melbourne/VIC. :) Free Shipping deal or 10% off promos currently running.

  • I just used this coupon, it’s still valid msm2021 ….the more you buy the more it saves annnnnd lobsters are $29.90 😱😱👌👍