[TAS] Non-Alcoholic Beers 6x 330ml Bottles - Carlton Zero $9.99 - Peroni Libera $12.99 @ 9/11 Bottleshop


I’ve been trying a variety of non-alcoholic beers recently and found that 9/11 is ever-so-slightly cheaper than Dan’s per six-pack. I’m sure he’d be happy to price match for non-Tasmanians. Carlton is not the best IMHO, but it’s a good starting point. I’m impressed with some of the beers I’ve come across and will definitely keep exploring what’s available.

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  • One brand that 9/11 carries, and which they didn’t have any for me to take a pic of, is the most excellent Heaps Normal Quiet XPA. I’m not able to find it at any of the major chain stores, but if you’re able to locate it at a local smaller retailer then check it out. It might change your idea of what non-alcoholic beer is like.

    • How does it compare to the Heineken zero? That one seems to the best regarded.

      • I was personally underwhelmed by the Heineken. As far as German 0% beers go I liked the Bitburger as it’s more malty and has body. Heaps Normal OTOH is jam-packed with hoppy flavour, although quite a bit lighter in body.

        • Thanks for your insight, I'll give the Bitburger a go, and also check out the nearest 9/11 for the Heaps Normal!

      • I’ve tried pretty much all of them. For me Heineken is the easiest to drink and the closest to an actual lager. The Peroni and Carlton are okay. Schlossgold is good but comes only in giant cans. Everything else to me tastes way heavy in terms of hops and graininess.

    • It was in BWS stores in Canberra, but I think it’s made there, I wish it was at my local bws.

  • 9/11? Too soon

  • Full strength mainstream beer is garbage so I shudder to think what their non alcoholic beer is like.