Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or Z Fold 2 or Wait for Z Fold 3?

Hi All,

I'm looking for some opinions from the fellows here.
I am/was looking to pre-order the s21 Ultra today but I'm also very tempted by the Z fold 2.

I want a decent camera since I have a little one which I take quite a lot of photos and videos of, I'm not sure if I'd make the most out the top of the range mobile camera but if it would give me better point and shoot photos in all scenarios and sometimes low light then that would be great.

I'm considering the Fold because I also like to read manga and eBooks on my phone so the larger screen is great for that.

I currently have the S10+ and it's been fine, althought for reading manga I have to zoom in sometimes.

So I guess my decisions are, pre-order the S21 Ultra, get the Z fold 2, wait for the Z fold 3 or next iteration of the S series or is there another good alternative?

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    S21 Ultra 512gb
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    Z Fold 2
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    Wait for Z Fold 3 or next S Series
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  • Does anyone with the Z fold 2 have any opinions on the fingerprint sensor, I like and I'm used to the in screen sensor on the S10+ and wondering how the power button sensor fares

    • The fingerprint sensor works just fine, it is located on the side on the Z Fold 2 rather than the screen… mainly cause it would be hard to find a place on the Z fold 2 screen to put the sensor.

      I never liked the S10 or S20 screen fingerprint sensor but thats my own preference, but the S21 line seems to have improved on this. If money is not an issue go the Z Fold 2 if you really want that extra screen. It is a massive improvement from the original Fold. Cameras might not be as good as the S21 Ultra but they do good job nevertheless. If you're main want is cameras go the S21 Ultra, if it is the screen then go the Z Fold 2.

      If Xiaomi Mi 11 gets an international release that could also be an option. And even better if they announce any Pro/Ultra model of the Mi 11.

  • went from s10+ to s10-5g to fold2, I am never going back to a normal phone again lol

    the side fingerprint button is alot faster then the front screen fingerprint sensor