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[iOS, Android] 3x Incense for 1 PokéCoin @ Pokemon Go


3 Incense for 1 PokeCoin for Incense Day featuring Mareep (and other Electric and Dragon Type).

Electric-type - 11am - 1pm & 2pm - 4pm

  • Pikachu
  • Magnemite
  • Voltorb
  • Chinchou
  • Mareep
  • Plusle (Great for Hoenn Celebration Research)
  • Minun (Great for Hoenn Celebration Research)
  • Stunfisk (Rare)

Dragon-type (and Pokemon that evolves into Dragon-type) - 1pm-2pm & 4pm-5pm

  • Horsea
  • Dratini
  • Mareep
  • Trapinch
  • Vibrava
  • Swablu
  • Bagon (Rare - Great for Hoenn Celebration Research)

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  • Oh wow this is still a thing! That's neat.

  • +2 votes

    My trainer code is 4265 7788 8892 if anyone would like to add me!

  • So much potential, such poor execution

  • I hope this comes back somehow, it seems like the only talk I hear about it these days are sarcastic or memes.

    Of course, COVID hasn't exactly helped..

    • What do you mean? It's still "there", plenty of people are still playing it.

    • It made just under $2billion USD in 2020. It’s most profitable year.
      Where exactly do you think it’s gone!?

      • If it's been most profitable this year than how come there's no word of it anywhere anymore? Is it just a secret society that I don't know about or is it that the people who still play it are too embarrassed?

        Look at the very first comment: "Oh wow this is still a thing"

        • Just because you haven’t seen anyone talk about it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
          It’s just had it’s most profitable year pretty much doubling 2019.

          • @leethompson: Well of course.. but what's your evidence it is so much more popular here and not just overseas?

            Popularity goes off the number of people. It could just be a few diehard fans spending a bucketload. Most casual players I think wouldn't spend money?

            • @pennypincher98: In most mobile games, 10% of the players contribute 90% of the revenue.

            • @pennypincher98: What’s your evidence? You’re the one that thinks it’s suddenly gone.

              • @leethompson: The number of people are how popular something is. For something to be popular it is "liked or admired by many people".

                Seems it has decreased in popularity because it is not liked or admired by as many people anymore. It's well known and makes a lot of money yes, but not as many people are into it as they originally were and hence the game is less popular.

                • @pennypincher98: Where is your evidence? If you’re just going on “I haven’t heard anything about it” then you’re going on personal experience which means nothing.
                  The groups I’m a member of are as popular as ever. If it’s changed either way, it’s got more popular over the last year due to all the new features.

                  • @leethompson: You're also going off personal experience…

                    Pretty much any game has an active fanbase if you go looking for it.
                    Pokemon Go used to be you couldn't go anywhere without someone talking about it or seeing someone play it.

                    • @pennypincher98: Yes but that was my point…

                      It was like that for the first month or so in 2016. It hasn’t been like that since.

                      • @leethompson: It was definitely like that 2016 and start of 2017. Even into 2018 I still saw the random person playing it.

                        Since, I've just about forgotten about the game. They had a great idea but there was a few teething issues which weren't solved until it was too late (or maybe when a lot of people left it fixed itself).

                        • @pennypincher98: Too late? Where are you getting this info from? They’ve just had two of their most successful years. People who played it originally and gave up have come back, and a load of new people have signed up.
                          This conversation really isn’t worth having.

                          • @leethompson:

                            This conversation really isn’t worth having.

                            Then why do you keep replying?

                            • @pennypincher98: I’d be surprised if many games make news headlines years after release? Oh wait there were numerous POGO players being fined for playing it during lockdown last year? The dwindle in players were expected, I mean thats only normal right? But for what it is, it’s actually held up very well over time.

                              I don’t know if you travel public transport, or exercise, visit circular quay, parks etc. But you would spot people playing quite often but most do play discreetly to not disturb other people’s activities especially now with social distancing. I don’t think people are embarassed to play it, people who play it are actually quite respectful and mind their own business and they implement the game into their daily activities at their own leisure.

                              The game has developed a structure, comm days are monthly events, next one is on the 7th of February, go visit a popular park and you’ll see many people playing it.

                              I do believe there are haters of POGO on ozbargain, people making fun of it, most likely the same people every time. I started playing the game again in november last year and I was actually surprised that many people still play it. If lockdown or wfh has decreased your movement, I suggest you pick this game up again, it has motivated me to move, lose weight. Best of all I can do so while practicing social distancing.

                            • @pennypincher98: Because you made a ridiculous statement.

        • Love your ego

          "If I don't know about it then it can't be important to anybody else"

    • I still play in a community with over 50 active players. And I know there are lots more than still play. You just need to Google or visit the Silph Road website and you'll find them :)

  • Shiny rates are 0 for me :(

    • Community day is how you get a shiny. I always get a least a dozen in a couple of hours.

      • I know that. The rates are boosted for community. But for most other events the rates are normal, but you'd still expect some kind of shiny after several hundred checks. Turned out I got a Shiny Mareep in the end.

        • Oh yeah that is pretty crappy. I only ran one incense today and scored one shiny. I think my chances were higher doing Groudon raids all day.

          • @Clear: You're right about the Groudon raid chance. Chances are apparently 1/20 for them. I don't have enough raid passes to get through that many so frequently. Good luck though.