Long Fit T Shirts That Are Good Quality - Where to Find?

I’m quite tall and like long fit T shirts. I normally get Long Fit Kenji T shirts from Myer but stock has been very sparse and I cannot find them online. I tried Cotton On longline T shirts but they have shrunk after one wash (cold wash, no dryer). Any other alternatives?


  • american websites that ship to australia like amazon.

  • Yea be watchin this thread too. no interest in buyin from US finding it doesnt fit and having to farq around with it.

  • I'm 200cm tall and I get mine from https://plus2clothing.com/ these days. I've bought a few bundles over the last couple of years and haven't had a problem. Don't think I'm the target market - the models are all covered in tattoos and seem to be wearing them long as a fashion choice rather than being tall but I pretty much wear one of their t-shirts every day.

  • ASOS have a tall line. They often have sales. They are also often on sale at Culture Kings as well though not showing up in the search today. They handle the dryer ok as they are so long

  • ASOS tall, they are cheap especially when on sale and I have found them to be excellent quality.

    I buy the tall polos from there too - no complaints

  • The best ones I've found (locally in B&M) are the Rivers' small slim-fit tees. I have to get the smalls as Rivers generally builds mens clothes around a Texan oil tycoon that alternates between donuts and Maccas - even a medium is massive.

    Unfortunately, the small sizes of anything are extremely difficult to find and it's generally one remaining on the clearance rack in baby-puke yellow or something else garish. But at least they fit and are comfy!

  • I have bought adidas t-shirt of the same size and the length has varied quite significantly. Makes it hard to order online with confidence.