Home Surveillance Camera Attacked by Person, Have Their Licence Plate, What to Do Next?

Hello OzB community,

Looking for advice how to proceed. I have a security camera pointed at my rear fence on a laneway, the laneway is paved and has a reasonable amount of vehicle traffic. Neighbours of mine have had their rear fence damaged by bigger trucks, so its main focus is to capture that kind of accident/incident.

8pm the other day a man mid 30s - mid 40s drives past, looks up at camera, stops just behind it, gets out and proceeds to use something e.g. a cricket bat to hit and dislodge my camera. His face is visible and his licence plate clearly.

What should I do?

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    Leave him a note on the fence explaining purpose of camera
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    Talk to police first
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    Find out who it as and tell them I'm Liam Neeson.


  • You got the footage

  • check your council rules on surveillance equipment and talk to police about whether camera was legally positioned.

    • I have a security camera pointed at my rear fence on a laneway,

      The LoS sounds perfectly legal. Of course one would have to have look at the actual recording to be sure.

  • Definitely log on and post the news on OzBargain as a priority, then go to the Police.

  • I think you should post the video on ozBargain so we can give you a more personalised response based on all the evidence.

  • Why would you ask here and not ask the cops?

    • I wanted to find what motivates arseholes like this to attack peoples property.

      It's not one of my neighbours, it doesn't look into anyone's hard.

      But commenters are right this psycho may come and retaliate more if I report them.

      • to find out why arseholes do it, you need to ask the arseholes…
        sadly they breed like rabbits while on the dole and nothing else to do with themselves.

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        If he retaliates you report him again. Don't live in fear of retaliation if what he is doing is breaking the law. Report him to the police and ask for dispensation.

  • Tell the cops, post on YouTube.

  • Unless it is pointing into this guys yard, it's probably an indication that there's some other element involved. If he's willing to do this, there may be more he's doing.

    I'd take it to the police, but they may not do much.

    However be aware that he was willing to do this, and he will know where the complaint came from. Be ready that something else may be done to the property.

  • Can the vid be uploaded to dashcam Australia? It's not from a dashcam, but it's road rage.

  • A couple of things:
    - if it records any public area and you don’t have a sign warning people they are being filmed it might be illegal so look into that before telling police
    - this guy knows where you live so consider if there might be retaliation if you report to police or post online

    Post the video to OzBargain? 😁

    • Is it illegal to film public space/roads?

    • How can it be illegal for a security camera to film a public place? If you have a cam at the front of your house, the whole purpose is for it to record eg car pulling up out the front and then person getting out and doing whatever. How would you block out every person walking along the footpath? Also police use people walking past to track someones movement from a nearby crime, victim and offender. They beg for coverage like that. Then there is the cameras on every shop front/bar/restaurant/hotel/bank etc video taping everyone and everything 24/7. Signs are there more to deter incidents and more cams are hidden anyway now days.

      • Yeah I think you’re right. On reflection it seems illogical that it would be illegal. I just remember looking into it a while ago for my own place and at the time the advice I got for QLD was that you had to have a sign up saying people were being surveilled and you shouldn’t have it recording the street. I also ended up feeling that the camera would be a target for the particular kids we were having difficulty with, just like OPs did. I wouldn’t mind getting a hidden one if I could make it not obvious. Our neighbours have one that’s clearly hidden in a bird statue - you always know when you’re being filmed as they move it into weird positions.

    • In QLD it's not illegal to film in a public space since there's no expectation of privacy. I'm pretty sure this law extends to all other states.

      "Section 227A of the Criminal Code makes it an offence to video record people without their consent in places where they would expect to be private, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or changeroom."

      From: https://www.oic.qld.gov.au/guidelines/for-community-members/....

  • Need MS Paint pic for reference

  • Can you send to americas faintest home videos?

  • Where's the video?

  • What surveillance system do you have? Must be a pretty good one if it captures a number plate at night.