Game and Watch Mario - Still Being Sold?

I missed out on the releases because i wasnt quick enough. Ive recently noticed the deals for these have stopped being posted, are they still for sale out there?

I know nintendo said they would keep selling until march, however ive yet to see one physically in any store, and online releases sell out in minutes.

On principle, not going to pay a scalper anything above $rrp for one, which imo is pretty expensive for what it is anyway.


  • Haven't seen any stock in a while

  • Gamesmen.

  • While stock isn’t coming through in big numbers for online orders I’ve noticed eb games page goes from out of stock to available for click & collect with select stores getting a few of these at a time. I got lucky and my local store had some stock last week and I finally got one. It worked for me, so i suggest watching this page: and praying a store near you gets some in. To check when it says click and collect available you have to go to the checkout and enter your postcode. FYI I called a store that was interstate to see if they could ship one to me and they said they can’t take payments over the phone so no. Good luck!

  • It's available from Ozgameshop if you're prepared to pay above RRP.

    • Nope, never going to support scalpers on principle. Its worse when store fronts start doing the same tactic.

      I can see eb games has some stock, but only local pickup in QLD.

      • Ah well ya snooze ya lose. I'd agree but my collector principles override my money-saving principles at times lol

        • In all honesty, even the $80 rrp price is a bit rich considering what your getting (a device that doesn’t do much, and let’s be honest, you would play for 5min and then put away for display purposes only).