Please Help Rust Issues

Hello I really hope someone can give me some honest information, anybody here who works with paint and body repairs??

I've no panel experience at all, is there some kind of spray I can buy or paint I can buy to cover this or actual kill the rust?

Or will it be a big job for someone to do it properly?

Really need advice ASAP


  • Had the same on my car when the holes drilled for the roof racks started rusting.

    Had to sand back all the surrounding rust/paint and fill the holes if any.

    Then treated with this

    Had it for another couple of years and it didn't seem to get any worse.

  • Surely that's not the lancer?

  • Just leave it, she'll be right.

  • Get it done by someone who knows what they are doing.. Rust can grow really fast. then sell it.
    I grew up on waterfront and rust caused by the sea spray ate cars like nobodies business, and most times it just kept coming back

  • You are going to need to pull the screen and have a look. It will likely be worse underneath.

    • Hopefully not too bad

      • Yeah the rust is blooming from underneath that screen where the metal is now exposed to water and oxygen (and salt/acid). If you are planning to eventually sell the car, maybe go harder on it. if you are just going to run it into the ground maybe some more topical treatments will be fine.

  • Run some fishoil down there. Should keep it at bay for a few more years. Not worth spending big $s on old cars.

    • I've found rust converter stuff is it the same as fish oil???

      • No, rust converter does a chemical reaction which kills the rust but leaves a different finish, fish oil is an oil which helps repel water to prevent rust from spreading.

        Fish oil is far easier to use

  • Also see Fertan rust converter. Popular with boats.

  • Really need advice ASAP

    Why? That rust has been there for years….. I'm sure a extra hour or 10 won't hurt while you wait for replies.

    Or will it be a big job for someone to do it properly?

    What sort of car? I doubt it is worth the cost of repair. Just put some fish oil or some rust protect listed above over it to slow it down, and drive it into the ground.

  • I had similar rust in an old corolla. As it was a low value car but had plenty of life left I repaired DIY.

    Windscreen out, grind back the bulk of the rust, rust converter, body filler then paint. Wasn’t worth putting steel sections in as the holes were small. I regret not getting a windscreen mob to pull out the windscreen, but I did get some brand new glass after the job was done. (I broke the screen getting it out).

    If you plan to keep the car in running order, DIY should stop it getting worse. If the car is worth something to you get it repaired professionally - but that will cost as it’s all labour.

  • Rust is the cancer of cars - the earlier you repair it the better.

    What they usually do is patch it up with fibreglass, and then the usual process of bog, sand and paint.

  • Looks like an old bomb of a car
    Not worth spending the money on it.

    You could try DIY repair and risk repairng or ruining your car.
    I have been there, done that with some success.
    1. A light sanding to remove any loose rust and even the surface
    2. Paint with a sealant type of rust treatment such as a clear polyester resin (+hardener). Common rust converters wont last.
    3. Fill with car bog or just spray putty if there are no holes and then lightly sand. Finish with 600 or finer wet and dry paper
    4. Mask the rubber and attach newspaper to prevent overspray on the windows.
    5. Apply primer paint and lightly sand with 1200 wet and dry if necessary
    6. Get the right colour paint and apply very light even coats. Wait 3 to 5 mins between coats. Maybe 3 or 4 coats should do it.

    You might have to do this again in another 12-18 months.
    But before you do check under the rubber seals particularly if your windows are leaking.
    If you have a serious rust problem with water leaks then god help you

    Plenty of videos online explaining how to do this so do your research instead of relying on OB "opinions"

  • Unless you intend to have the screen removed, forget it. The stain you can see is one thing, a scourer will remove that.

    It is the rust underneath the paint, the trim, and under the glass, the hidden and traveling cancer you can not see…. that is the problem.

    Turrets and windscreen frames are structural, therefore exacting and industry standard repair methods apply, as it will end up being a Roadworthy issue…..hence a safety issue….hence your life is compromised in a crash.

    If keeping the vehicle, have the trim removed, a thorough rust inspection and then reassess how to repair. The screen may or may not need to be removed.

    Only steel can be used as a repair patch, and with a continuous steel wire weld to effect the repair.Anything less is not up to safety standards.

    Let's face it, you are 1st and foremost interested in safety, not your wallet….perhaps your family's safety as well.

    Vehicle repairs …..shortcuts can kill.