Fixed Wireless nbn - Thermal Ducting Outage

Has anyone else had this problem which NBN is calling thermal ducting outage, cannot access anything for the last 4 days and it seems to happen every month. Would post on whirlpool but I can't get my penalization lifted.


  • Thermal ducting???

    Tropospheric ducting maybe?

    • That's probably it, anyone else having this problem or is it just me. I'd thought there would be more on Google about it but I can't find anyone elses complaints about this outage.

      • interesting article

        As per the article I think it should only be temporary not 4 straight days. Then again the current high pressure system in SE Australia has been moving very slowly.

        NBN probably using it as an excuse while they troubleshoot the actual problem.

        I wonder if NBN made up the term thermal ducting.