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We just bought a 5 bedroom house and are moving from a rental apartment which was almost entirely furnished by our landlord. So we pretty much need to buy everything - 2 TVs, 3 beds, 3 mattresses, 3 sofas, a dining table, chairs, entertainment cabinet, soundbar etc etc … you get the picture. We are looking at a $50k or so expense.

I'm wondering what's the best way to get all of this at a decent bulk discount (I expect getting all this from one store, say Harvey Norman would achieve best results?) and who would be your top 2-3 stores to go to. Any tips would be most appreciated.


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      @OP Boy do I wish I had $50K, could try HN though, I know a lot of negativity from there (and gerry), but sometimes I get the occasional person whose willing to play ball and they're happy to start slicing cost off things (lower then I'd expect in some cases).

      Also might be a good idea to keep in mind a place thats got good refund policy too. If you're buying $50k worth of stuff might be worth keeping in mind.

      • Thanks, will give it a shot!

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  • Price Match with JB and good guys

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    We are looking at a $50k or so expense.

    Any tips would be most appreciated.

    TIP: Don't spend $50k on furnishing your house

    • If OP is quite wealthy or has access to quite a lot of wealth, then maybe they would appreciate all brand new stuff with the latest bells and whistles.

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        Wealthy rich but stingy enough to get 50k worth of stuff 50% off lol

        • Haha guys we have absolutely nothing right now!! Even the TV in our house is the landlords'. I know $40-50k sounds like a lot but if you actually make a list, it gets to that figure pretty quick.

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    you might want to consult an interior designer/decorator for that price range. you might pay the same amount as if you bought it yourself , but they would know the best places and get it all arranged for you so your choices are not limited to a specific store.

    • thanks, the missus is considering interior designer like you suggest, while I see it mostly as another expense! let's see where we get to

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    I think the big chain stores have very little room to move with regards to discounts that aren't part of a promotions/sales.
    I believe the profit margins for electronics are quite small ( with a lot of the money coming from extended warranty/accessories etc) so for these would probably look to buy during a sale/ promotion or use cashback/commercial pricing accounts.
    When i worked at David Jones a while ago, we weren't allowed to give any additional discounts regardless how much was being spent.

    You might have better luck with getting a deal for bedding/furniture etc, particularly from independent stores.
    I think it might be best to shop around to get the best price, as I have found that the one stop shops rarely have the best price for everything.

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      have very little room to move with regards to discounts

      Not at all correct.

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    Deck out your daily rooms in decent furniture and equipment but any rarely used rooms use Gumtree or FBM to fit out.

  • Expect to be waiting weeks/months on items like beds and sofas. Make sure you order in time!

    • This!

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    $50k at HN? So, you just need one sofa and a 4 seater table?

    • Might get a discount if they buy the display model that the greedy salesperson drooled all over when OP talks about their budget.

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    Might not be your thing, but checkout Facebook marketplace or gumtree for furniture, can find some good discounts on there. Alternatively look out for furniture clearance warehouses in Sydney, not sure if there are many around, but you can get good discounts there. As for TV's / electronics find the models you want and wait for a decent sale at TGG, JB etc.

    $50k seems a lot to spend at somewhere like HN.

  • Spend $10k on a ute then $40k on Gumtree/eBay/Facebook finds.

  • IKEA, fight club style. Pay with 500 X $100 giftcard at 4% off :)

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    I've known some people who went to China and ordered a container full of furniture and white goods for their house and achieved tremendous value. Although I doubt that is an option today given the restrictions (and political landscape if you're that way inclined)

  • 3 sofas
    2 TVs

    I can understand the need for the other items ( eg beds x3 ).

    You asked for a tip. You should consider starting with 1 sofa and 1 tv. :) and not spend $ on the etc yet. Focus on the essentials.

    This is assuming the mortgage you took on left you with minimal $ to spent on furnishings.

    • Good tip thanks, and certainly thought about it and open to it. But wondering whether if we get a decent discount now because of buying in bulk, it would beat buying things dripfeed over time? And would also take the headache out of having to constantly look for deals.

      No, we accommodated these things in our house buying decision and were disciplined with our budget and are left with a relatively modest opening LVR in the 60s even after this thankfully.

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    I've always found Harvey Norman are very amenable to large purchases and offer big discounts. When I renovated my house I bought about RRP $35k worth of products for something like $20k from Harvey Norman. I just went in with a list and ended up walking out with exactly what I wanted, for prices I couldn't beat even with the best Ozbargain deals. I bought all kitchen appliances (oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave), laundry (washer and dryer) and I think a television too.

    • Thank you, will try this

    • did you do it the ozb way and use discounted gift cards ?

      if you’re buying more than 5k worth of gift cards, HN offers corporate rates but unsure how much that is.. hopefully 10% off at least ?

  • You could try IKEA for the non electronics

  • When we were furnishing our house, I got HN, Appliances Online, and Appliances Warehouse to give me a quote and then made them compete with each other's prices. Worked out really well for me. A tip is always speak to a new person for the quote.

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