[PC] DRM-free - FREE - Treasure Goblin - Godankey.com (via Humble Bundle gift)


Getting this is simple: just put in your e-mail address twice, you will get an e-mail with a Humble Bundle gift link, redeem the gift link, and download the game from Humble Bundle.

Treasure Goblin is a Temple Run style game.


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  • don't enter your real email use a temporary email address to get keys, if you really want this game.
    The game is terrible, it is basically a way to get email addresses from people.

  • This is a drm-free exe, not a steam key.
    So yes and the game is really not great.
    Still free is free.

  • Hm… give away my email address to a website I've never heard of for an .exe file.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • Or you could just use a temporary e-mail such as 10 minute e-mail, get your key and not neg a freebie???
      How easy is it to do things right?
      Plus, the game is actually added to your Humble Bundle library, too.

    • I used a disposable email to receive the gift key and redeemed is through Humble Bundle without issues?
      I don't see the issue here