Different Solar Panels Installed Than Quoted. How to proceed?


On Friday got solar panels installed. Original quote said would get 20 solar panels; Q Cells Q.PEAK DUO-G5+ 330.

Installation finished but could not install smart meter due to the switch board needing to be modified, which the installers said would come back and do it later. They said they will send me a revised quote to take out the smart meter ($300 aprrox) and we could sort it out later.

Looking at the revised quote it was 4 dollars difference and there were 19 solar panels; Q-Cells Q.Peak DUO-G6 350.

So looks like they did a switcharoo without telling me and seeing if that would slide under the radar?

Comparing data sheets I think they placed an inferior product. Biggest difference seems to be the warranty period. 25 years down to 12 years.

That is the main issue but also had other annoyances such as the configuration of the panels differed from original quote too. I will draw this with lines and a dash.


8 and then 1 straggler
It is aesthetically displeasing and also not as efficient with the way shade moves. But like probably marginally less efficient so can probably get over that part.

I am going to call and ask for an explanation but I am not sure how to proceed. I am not happy that I did not get the panels that I wanted.

Thanks for reading


  • Have you paid for it? if not hold back the payments until; it is rectified
    Contact the ACCC if they refuse to rectify it you did not get what you paid for or asked for or what was in the original contract


    • Haven't paid.

      Will talk to them and get it rectified. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing.

  • ^^
    What he said
    Don’t pay until rectified
    But are you sure it’s not an upgrade??
    Either way you should have been consulted before any changes to the quote

  • Edit, nevermind I see they did release the G6 into the Australian market.
    Yeah I'd be pissed that's a huge difference. The G6 and the G6+ are the same panel but the G6 only come with the 12 year warranty whilst the G6+ come with the 25.
    I would want some serious coin off the price.

    • Was quoted G5+ not the G6+. I did ask for a more expensive panel that had a 25 year warranty when discussing panels with the company.

      • I wouldn't be impressed at all. Keep in mind that the STC rebate is being phased out which means by the time the 12 year warranty ends at as it stands there will be no government program contributing to the price of solar panels which is why your 25 year warranty decision was a wise choice, hope it works out for you and please post the outcome.

  • Let me guess: you didnt request the solar company to actually send someone out to do a proper measure?

    • No they came and went on the roof because I asked for it specifically.

      Either way they should have had some discourse with me.

      • says a lot about the installer if they actually measured and drawn up a proposal but ended up installing something in a completely different outlay not to mention a different panel!

    • very rare to have one doing it nowadays, the one that do charge an arm and a leg extra.

  • Simply refuse to pay until you are given what you paid for.

    Can't really see how the installer can say otherwise.

  • Are you sure the installed panels are not the ones you are after? Could be fussing over nothing.

    I ordered upgraded panels and when the delivered everything to the site, I went out to check the boxes and they were all correct including smart meter.

    My original quote had more panels of a lower quality and where my revised quote had upgraded panels and smart meter.

    The installer was initially confused by the installation as he had the original quote in hand, but with all upgraded equipment on-site.

    So could be an admin error with your revised quote. Simply nicely ask them what has been installed at your house, as it may simply be a genuine admin error.

    • They gave me a newer panel. G6 is newer but asked for G5+. There is G6+ and G5. Comparing data sheets the plus means 25 year warranty but same panel on both the G5 and G6. So depends how you look at it. Yes G6 is newer but I specifically asked, researched and want a 25 year warranty.

      If they had put G6+ I wouldn't have an issue because that has 25 years.

      It is definitely G6 on the roof. They put 19 panels because they are 350 watts. G5+ is 330 watts.

      5 kw inverter so 330 x 20 is 6.6 kw

      350 x 19 is 6.6 kw. Which is the 133% load or whatever.

      I wish it was simple error like that but I don't think so.

  • Going to assume this was a cheap quote? What inverter did you get?
    There is no reason they couldn't have modified your board to find the smart meter if they packed their job properly.

    • The quote was not cheaper than the other quotes I got. They were similar and went with the company with good reviews. Used the website solar quotes.

      FroniusSMARTMETER63A-1 is the inverter.

      The smart meter want a big issue. He ran out of fuses and said he had to restock.

      • Fair enough.
        So a fronius inverter then? That's good.
        The smart meter don't use a fuse, even if you have an old fuse board they would(should) have what they need
        I think it just says a bit about their work is all.

        • Yes the fronius inverter. I copied and pasted the smart meter from the quote.

          He said it is a fuse for the meter that measures how much energy we are using. It was an extra feature that I was keen to have to monitor usage. He said it goes into the switchboard. I have an app that can see how much is being generated.

          Does that make sense?

  • OP, just curious what was the star rating of the company you used? (you said "went with company good reviews")? and were they CEC accredited Installer?

    • 5 stars on google reviews. (understand that they can inaccurate)

      4.9 on the solarquotes.com.au

      yes, CEC approved

  • The outcome was that the invoice was wrong and the solar panels that are up are G6+. What I ended up doing was calling Q-cell directly and quoting my serial number and they told me it was G6+ on the roof.

    So in the end it was all good. Just admin error.. Hindsight should of called Q Cell quicker but I was confused about what was going on.

    Thanks for the input!!