Best Home Printer under $250

Hi all,

Looking for a basic printer for home and hoping for some recommendations as I do not fancy buying a paperweight.

Key requirements:

  • wireless (and works with a Mac)
  • if it has ink, then it should be able to print even if one of the colours is empty.
  • open to laser. Is there an advantage?

There are so many on the market, so a recommendation is always preferred

Thank you all I’m advance



    Very cheap to run and easy to find cheap compatible toners. see comments

    Inkjet all in one printers have a pretty high running cost, but they do have integrateed scanners which makes it a lot easier to quickly copy a document or scan without needing a dedicated scanner that takes up office space.

  • I know they are way outside your budget, but you can't go past an Epson Ecotank. The print quality is fantastic, and it's colour. The Canon g3000 series is also good and I've seen heaps of these break down, especially in Extended warranty period. The upfront cost yes, is like buying a Tesla, but its great to buy a genuine ink from a retailer, that doesn't fail (like Calidad). We have 2 Epson ecotanks, and they work with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. Unsure about IOS, as we are trying to move away from Apple (I am typing this on MacOs BTW, running on an AMD Processor)
    One problem with lasers is the drum cost, and the base unit becomes a throwaway unit.
    Quite a few inkjets won't allow you to print, if it reports it is empty, but at $16 a refill.
    BTW, if you do buy a BIG MFC printer (EG Brother/Epson, please keep the box, and packaging, because if it breaks down, it's easier to send away for the store, as they don't have to find a box, big enough to send your prized printer away.