Should I Upgrade This Laptop - GL553VD? (RAM, SSD)

Hey ozbargainers,

I’m not a tech person and idk where to ask so here I am seeking for your wisdom.

I have a low/mid-tier gaming laptop (ASUS GL553VD) that I have been using for three years.

Here are the specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (4GB GDDR5)
DISPLAY: 15.6”, Full HD (1920 x 1080)
WEIGHT: 2.50 kg (5.5 lbs)

I’m planning on upgrading:

(However, I’m really not a tech person so it would be great and I would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT if someone could tell me if it will actually work before I purchase these items)

My main question is, is it worth upgrading the RAM and SSD, especially in 2020? I’ve watched a review on this laptop which mentioned that GTX 1050 is pretty outdated and I should buy a new and better laptop instead of upgrading this old one.

I’m sure there are a lot of tech enthusiasts on Ozbargain so pls help me out. Thank you so much in advance.


  • What is it about your laptop that you are unhappy with specifically?

    If you are running out of space on your SSD, have you tried moving as much as possible to the HDD so only Windows and your primary games are on the SSD?

    Are you having any issues with running out of memory? Increasing the RAM will only help you out if you are playing games that can make use of more than the 8 GB you currently have. What kind of games are you playing? Have you had a look at their recommended specifications?

    • I would like to first, say thank you so much for providing me with advices and asking questions to clarify any doubts.

      Here are the answers:
      I’m facing sudden FPS drops and low FPS in certain games. I think increasing ram and using a SSD help in improving FPS?

      Yes, I’m running space out of both HDD and SSD. HDD due to games and SSD due to Windows files (I’m assuming as none of my games are installed on the SSD). Additionally, I’ve heard that games load faster if they’re installed in SSD as compared to HDD. E.g. Rainbow six siege, Phasmaphobia. Hence, I’m planning on reinstalling them on SSD instead of HDD.

      Most games that I play with, their minimum requirement fits the laptop. However, the recommended specifications do not.
      E.g R2D2, Horizon Zero Dawn

      Thanks again :)

      • No worries, I hope we can collectively help you out with your laptop!
        Improving FPS usually involves looking at the graphics card. Updating its drivers may help a bit if you haven't done so already.

        I checked the specs for some of those games you mentioned. Some of them only want 8 GB but you're right that a few want 16 GB, so they should see some improvement from an extra RAM stick. I see that they also want better graphics cards though, like Horizon Zero Dawn asks for a GTX 1060 (6 GB).

        I wouldn't think an SSD would impact FPS much, but it would make your games load faster for sure. If you are running out of space on both your drives then upgrading to a bigger SSD sounds like a good option.

        If you are happy to give it a go, it might be worth making these upgrades to see if they help out, and if they don't then you would use them to tide you over until you can get a new PC during a sale like EOFY. You should be able to move the new SSD over to the new PC for extra storage, so the only $ lost would be on the RAM which isn't that much if it helps your laptop last a bit longer. I feel like the SSD being reusable on a new PC is something to think about when debating if you want to try the upgrades or just go straight to a new PC :)

  • Yes and yes, both are very much good upgrades.

    Above is very incorrect, just because the game doesn't use up all the memory it does not mean the extra 8gb won't help. It will help - ram is also very cheap so it's good to upgrade.

    Ideally you want the RAM sticks to be exactly the same as each other just to improve overall efficiency (timing, size, speed etc)

    You do not need the enclosure, you can look up guides on how to boot off a USB to set-up and install windows on your SSD.

    SSD does not improve FPS not majorly anyway, just speeds up your load/boot times but it is worth getting.

    • Thank you so much. These are some really helpful tips, especially with the enclosure (Now I can save some money :D) Looks like I might in fact buy these items on sale and upgrade my laptop soon :D

  • My main question is, is it worth upgrading the RAM and SSD, especially in 2020?

    Considering it's now 2021, definitely not ;)

    If you can upgrade, definitely upgrade

  • 8gb ram for your current laptop is good enough. I suggest you reinstall windows, and then install all the games that you're frequently playing on the SSD. No need to upgrade the ssd for this laptop, as it already has one. Just work around.
    On the other hand, if you're after excellent experience on some AAA games then just buy a new laptop (or PC) with an RTX graphic card or AMD equivalent. This will give you some substantial upgrade that you can feel.

    • That isn’t actually a bad idea but I have tons of games and uni documents in my laptop and that’s stopping me from reinstalling windows tbh. That would mean reinstalling all my games which would give me a hard time especially with my shitty WiFi. I do think it’s solid advice and I might actually upgrade the laptop then only reinstall windows when I’m done with most of my games which take too much time to install. Sincerely, thank you so much for the advice :)