Shure SM7B Microphone $573.13 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Sells for roughly ~$750 at your local music store, so rough saving of around $200. These are extremely popular and are the industry standard mic for studio, recording, live-streaming, podcasting etc etc. I own 2 myself and have purchased another one. I haven't seen these prices since around 2015.

Update 28 Jan: Deal was originally for Amazon UK via AU + Delivery/Free with Prime, but is now sold by Amazon AU with free delivery.

21 Feb update: Small $5.75 price increase within 1 month of posting. Duplicate deal merged.

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  • hmmm, am i missing something?

  • CamelCamelCamel says it hit 513 last black friday and that 3rd party sellers on Amazon have been selling at this price for a few months now but a pretty good deal nevertheless considering its sold directly by Amazon.

  • Very good price!

    I was eyeing these earlier, and also the EV RE-20s, which Amazon have around the same price.

    I've been noticing excellent deals on pro audio and music gear on Amazon UK for a while now..

  • Think you can get it with local warranty and faster shipping too if you go to more options in the app.

    Also factor in $250+ for cloudlifter or make sure your audio interface has ~70db gain to drive this thing!

    • Or a fethead for $129

    • FWIW even though input gain isn't great on my Scarlett 18i8 (budgeted for a cloudlifter), I didn't need one at all.

      Guessing the results will vary wildly based on application (e.g. singing vs talking) and from person to person?

      i.e. Maybe factor it in as likely needed, but don't necessarily buy one in advance?

      Awesome deal btw. I paid $623 on Amazon late last year. Using it for tracking acoustic + vox; sounds great and I barely get any bleed from my guitar. Can't recommend enough at this price!!

    • Thanks yep, ships from Amazon AU for $10 more.

  • What are you streaming tim

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      I do Solitaire speed runs and some Only Fans stuff. How bout you?

    • I wish I was streaming lol. I run a music production studio and this was just another equipment purchase.

  • My rode nt-1a is still good

    • Hey may I ask what's your setup with nt-1a and how much did it all cost? I'm looking at buying something (budget 300) for the partner who's decent at singing.

  • Trouble is I have a $2 voice.

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      Yeah but this is OZB, we like cheap stuff. You have the voice of an angel. ☺️

  • Would there be any point going for the SM7B over the MV7 if the main use was just for voice in game and during streams?

    The MV7 can be had for $400-$450.

    • SM7B is a better mic no question but you need to factor in an audio interface, XLR cables, and potentially a preamp.

      MV7 gets maybe 70-80% of the way there in terms of mic and quality and all you’ve gotta do is plug in a micro USB cable.

    • Just for streaming Mv7 all the way. But it's definitely missing the low end range the sm7b has. Depends on usage really.

  • The deal is now fufilled by Amazon AU, ordered and receiving it tomorrow making this price very worth it.
    I cancelled my UK order as after 1 week it still wasn't making any shipping progress.

    • I did the same./ Ordered AU for $567, but they oversold. So instead of next day delivery. I'm receiving it tomorrow a month later. Bit annoying, but for the price I can't complain. They threw in $40 promo credit as a sorry.

  • Merged from Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone $573.13 Delivered @ Amazon AU

    Excellent price for this legendary microphone. Ships from and sold by, you can even get it delivered tomorrow (in Melbourne that is for $5.99 extra) or free delivery within days.

    Other places charge about $750 and above, and on Camelcamelcamel, the lowest this microphone has been was $513 however I believe that was shipped from Amazon US and there were high shipping costs. Either way, that's not the price now, and a bird in the hand…