Best Budget CPU Cooler Recommendation for i7-7700k

Hi All,

My home pc has had a long and solid life using the stock intel cooler, but recently in the warmer months it’s started driving me loopy as it revs up and down pretty much every time I open a website that gives the cpu a bit of a workout. It’s not so much the noise but the constant ramping that’s getting annoying. I’ve tried to tweak the fan settings so the speed is more constant but it still revs up for a few seconds when launching new tabs etc, I think it’s time to put something beefier in. Given this pc is 4-5 or so years old and reaching end of life I’m looking for the best budget recommendation from my Ozbargain friends.


  • The thermal paste usually lasts 3 years or so, it has probably dried out. So needs a new application.

  • Gammaxx 400

  • Replace thermal paste, also I think there’s no stock cooler for 7700k, if you don’t want to hear the ramping, you can set the fan with lower max rpm, or just set one rpm for all temperatures. But if the TIM inside the heat spreader is dry, then replace it will do a much better job.

  • if opening a website ramps up your fan then something else is wrong. i still have a i5-3570k for basic media and it doesnt ramp that loud during encode. as others has suggested reapply thermal paste. dont need anything special. check sys to see what else is using ram/processor.
    120mm AIO coolers are pretty cheap and will keep temps more constant unless you want to purchase a decent air cooler.

  • Thermal paste refresh, ensure adequate case fans, and consider CoolerMaster TX3 for cpu ~$35 not a perfect choice but it's cheap, or spend more for better?. Four yrs is not end of life for desktop, my gen 4 system is still working, 'except" for 1 ram slot and headphone jacks all other parts are fine.
    Edit: pro bargain tip, remove side of case and point pedestal 30cm fan into computer.

  • Snowman from Aliexpress

  • Thanks everyone, I cracked open the case and the sink was almost completely frosted over with dust and the thermal grease was pretty dry, removed then re-applied some thermal paste and put the Ozbargain OPOLAR to good use, the fan seems to be MUCH quieter with ramp ups down at least 50-75%, which is a huge improvement but still annoying when it happens each couple of minutes. I think I'll still replace the sink with either a Gammaxx (when they come down into the $20s) or Snowman if the Gammaxx dont go back on promo soon.

    Thanks again everyone!!