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Samsung Galaxy A31 (Dual SIM 4G, 6.4", 5000mAh, 128GB/4GB) $339 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


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  • For $300+ I think Samsung should offer something better than MediaTek Helio P65…

    • It's an old phone now that A32 5G is released (though that one has an inferior screen). It has FHD AMOLED and at this price it's somewhat a rarity.

  • $329 from dick smith and kogan

  • A32 has been released.

  • Additional 3% off with Coupon Code: 'PLUS3P' for eBay Plus Members.

  • I only paid about $40 more for my A51 a few weeks ago (OW)

  • 5000mAh

    So A31 has same battery capacity as S21Ultra which is their flagship device of the year.

    • There is the Samsung Galaxy M51 in other parts of the world with a 7000 mAH battery. That's right 7000 !

    • Usually in the midrange you’ll be able to find the phones with the biggest batteries and best battery life. The benefits of having a slower chip, and using lower refresh rate not as bright lower resolution screen. If you care about battery life and are happy to live with the trade offs than midranges are better.

  • I got a Redmi 9 Pro… I looking for something with better screen and audio whwat would you recommend? this? or oneplus?

  • This or oppo A52?

    • I was comparing phones in this price range for a little while, need a phone to get me through the year

      ended up ordering Oppo A52 from TGG Commercial for $227 (plus $5 delivery)

      g9 play was my another option, but oppo has better screen and 2 year warranty

      this Samsung is $100 dearer, has better screen but worse CPU. in my opinion A52 will get me through the year and $100 is a good saving