20% off Custom Printed Desk Mats and Mouse Pads from $29 (Was $37) Delivered @ CustoPads


I've had one of these for a while now and decided to get another one to match my new set up and saw they have 20% off currently. It's held up really well even after being washed a few times.
Available in 5 Sizes:
* 30cm x 60cm
* 30cm x 70cm
* 30cm x 80cm
* 30cm x 90cm
* 40cm x 90cm

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  • Same sizes can be had on aliexpress for about half price, I wonder if the print quality is the same.

  • Where do these ship from? The US?

  • OP, how thick do you think the materials is on the pad you have?

    Website seems to have been built by an Aus company, and their FB page has links to Aus content too, perhaps Australian company just ordering the pads as required from OS?

    • No ABN, no contact page, no about us page. If they're Australian, they're not very professional.

      orders are shipped First Class mail

      Yeah, definitely coming from overseas. First Class mail isn't an Australian thing.

    • Probably like 4mm or so.. Yeah from memory it might have been from overseas, it came rolled up in a protective plastic sleeve.