Experiences with Complex Kitchen

I'm looking for an induction cooktop and the best price for the model I want (by about $500) is from Complex Kitchens. They price the item at $990 (instead of $2700) but charge $1300 delivery as their warehouse is in Hungary.

Has anybody purchased from them before? What was your experience?

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    $1300 delivery

    Are you sure?

    • You'd think that.. But attempting to add any item to my cart also adds shipping (in the hundreds $$)..

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    Just no…

  • yes, and I noticed no warranty. So I think I'll resist the low prices.

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    Just set-up an OzBargain alert for 'induction cooktop' - no doubt one will come around soon enough - depending how urgently you need it of course! Occasionally there are insane sales on products by Whirlpool, Elecrolux, etc.

  • Ive had an ikea induction cooktop for a while. no probs

  • I bought an induction cooktop 6 months ago, it all seemed great. Just wanted to share that condensation may be a problem if you are in a small space like an apartment with low head too. Seems like since the air around doesn't heat up if you are trying to boil too many things at the same time it goes drip drip drip. Googled this when I had the problem and it seems quite common. Wish I had known!

    Edit: condensation stuff doesn't come up on initial research and reviews =(