Free Creative Commons media - Riff.CC Alpha

Riff.CC is a free site where Creative Commons and Public Domain media can be shared and downloaded. Artists and users are incentivised through bonus points on the site, which will be exchangeable for BCH or SLP tokens.

Happy to give people invitations to the site and walk them through how to use it. We have 107 items on the site and are hoping to add a few thousand over the next month or so. In addition, we'll be adding WebTorrent integration so you won't need any plugins to watch content.

Everything is seeded at a crazy 10gbps.

The address is

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  • Any way to see what some of those 107 items are without singing up?


      I'll see if I can get you a list!

      Eventually it'll be totally open registration.

      Some examples:

      The Internet's Own Boy
      RiP: A Remix Manifesto
      paniq (all albums)
      Adam McHeffey - Let's Kick Fire
      The Intercontinental Music Lab
      Swear and Shake

      Everything can be found elsewhere since it's CC content, but we have one of the best connection speeds. And I like to think better UX.

      • Why does it even need registration if it's all public domain and open CC? Even the Library of Congress open domain collection doesn't have login or geo restrictions. Lots of good stuff in there.

        • +1 vote

          It's because we have limited resources, sort of like how Gmail launched with 1GB inboxes. Having an invite system drives some exclusivity as stupid as that sounds.

          The intent is to make the thing completely open for downloads with no registration required once we launch in ~1-3 months. The main thing we're dealing with is creating a legal non-profit to run the thing.


    We've got public invite links now, best one to use is

    I'll remove that link when it eventually expires.

    We're up to 362 things.