PS4 Help Needed on Settings

I have a PS4PRO that belonged to a close relative who passed away last year and want to close their account and remove all their details from the console with a view of selling, with the funds to go to a charity related to their cause of passing. I would keep it but my reflexes and dexterity for these games are some years behind me now.

I have fumbled around in the menu and was able to stop the auto renewal of his subscription but am at a loss as to go further. I have access to his email and phone but don’t know any passwords.

So a couple questions

Will a reset be enough to do what I want for the console and is that done from the menu?

How do I close the account and ID which is my preference or do I just forget about it.



  • you cant on the ps4. have to do it on web or contract sony to delete the account. best just to do a full factory reset which takes few hours.
    lots of youtube and google guides out there

  • Sorry for your loss.

    You could keep it though? Games like Uncharted are very noob friendly, more like interactive movies. These kind of games are great to play with other non-gamers too, taking turns with the controller or just watching.

    • Thanks for thoughts. I did give some thought to keeping it and still may for the great grandchildren when they are a bit older but in reality it will probably just sit around gathering dust.