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LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 Technic $469.99 with Free Shipping @ Zavvi


LEGO Technic: Lamborghini Sián $469.99 with Free Shipping @ Zavvi with Code LEGOLAMBO

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  • How have people found Zavvi? Reviews have absolutely blasted them, been wanting this for ages but not sure if I should wait for a sale at David Jones or pick this up.

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      I've had no problem when them or their brother site iWoot.

    • One of the few sites that failed to deliver a purchased item for me.
      Told many lies along the way, like heaps.
      Leave a few months of your life free to wait if you buy from them, or be ready to do a refund when you realize it's not coming.
      Just my experience with them.

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    Just picked up the US site deal which is better, shipped with bonus COVID!