34" VS 49" Curved Monitors

49" looks to be 3ish times the price of 34"?

Is it worth it?

If you have a 34" do you ever find it too small? Do you wish you'd spent more?

If you have a 49" do you ever find it too big? Do you think it was worth the extra cost?

If you have used both which do you prefer?

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  • Well first of all they are technically products that cater for different use cases. The 34" Ultrawide (21:9 aspect ratio) is for those who want a 27" with more horizontal space, whereas the 49" (32:9 aspect ratio) is a superwide monitor, this is equivalent of two 27" monitors put together without the internal bezel between the two screens. A mate has a 49" Samsung gaming one (I believe the 1080p 144hz panel) and I find it to big to be useful as most applications and let alone webpages just fill the extra real estate with blank space unless, you have to windows side by side.)

  • I went with 38"

    • The 38" ones have tempted me a few times, the 49" are just ridiculous, can't see the appeal personally.

  • Price Factor I would say 34"

  • Price and size wise a 34" was big enough for me, went into a HN one day and seen the 49" on display and it looked god awful stupidly big and the curve looked wrong

  • I have an X34P, there is no way I could go bigger, sitting on my 1.8m desk is my PC (Lian-Li 011 so a little thicker) and a printer on the opposite side. Barely any room left for a 49" anyway.

    For the 49" as well, you will probably find the ones at a similar price point to 34" will not be IPS but rather VA or TN panels. I'd take IPS on my X34P anyday over 15" more but VA panel, but that definitely depends on your usage.