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½ Price Ichiban Noodle Bowls $2.20, Arnott’s Shapes $1.60, Cocobella Coconut Water 1L $2.50, Weet-Bix 575g $1.90 @ Woolworths


Ichiban Noodle Bowls 140-150g - $2.20

Ichiban Noodle Bowl Roast Pork 150g
Ichiban Noodle Spicy Sichuan Beef 140g
Ichiban Noodle Bowl Roast Beef 150g

Arnott’s Shapes 160-190g - $1.60

Arnott's Shapes Cheddar 175g
Arnott's Shapes Chicken Crimpy 175g
Arnott's Shapes Savoury 185g
Arnott's Shapes Cheese & Bacon 180g
Arnott's Shapes Nacho Cheese 160g
Arnott's Shapes Original Bbq 175g
Arnott's Shapes Vegemite & Cheese 165g
Arnott's Shapes Original Pizza 190g
Arnott's Shapes Triple Cheese Toastie 165g (NEW)
Arnott's Shapes Sizzling Steak & Onion 165g (NEW)

Cocobella Coconut Water 1 Litre - $2.50

Cocobella Cocobella Straight Up Coconut Water 1l

Sanitarium Weet-Bix 575g - $1.90

Sanitarium Weet-bix Breakfast Cereal 575g

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  • +6

    Ichiban Roast Beef is tastier than the pork flavour.
    Will wait til Amazon price matches :D

    • +8

      Remember, buy in multiples of 4, if greater than 4 Amazon will spilt the shipping into 4s. The box fits perfectly. If they are shipping 2, the box that they use are so ever so slightly too small and the bowls gets slightly deformed.

      Also, you typically get about 6 month + before expiry, and it goes on special about once one to two months, last was end of November for 2.6. .

  • Haha here we go again. The great noodle debate.
    Is spicy Sichuan really spicy?

    • +3

      Not as spicy as the regular Shin Ramyun.

  • Where is the Ichiban noodles made?

    • +9

      lol clicking on the handy links in the post too hard? Taiwan.

    • +4

      In Ichiban. Duh.

    • +4

      Taiwan with Australian beef.

  • +1

    Sichuan beef is sooo goooooodddd

  • +1

    Yes the roast beef. Love it!!

  • +3

    I am aware of their Lipstick for men. But how are they at noodles??

  • Sounds like people are loving these.. so I should try it??

    • +1

      No. Can be addictive.

  • Both are good.

  • I don't like the soft texture of their noodles.

    • Yeah, Wei Lih are all fairly soft, there are other brands from the Asian stores that are firmer by comparsion.

  • Thanks OP, Dinner for the week sorted.

  • -1

    Gone!!!so sad

    • +6

      gone? it hasn't started yet.

      • +11

        No wonder the ATO rarely catch anything.

  • -5

    I’m sure thats why they taste nice, but I’ve never seen so many enhancers, msg, humectant (don’t even know what it is), regulators, Antioxidants, Anticaking Agent, fake colouring, Acidity Regulators and worst of all, palm oil in a single produc. Sickening for just a bowl of noodles. I’ll have to try them and see if I survive the day!

    • +1

      You surely can survive… It's all about the choice that we made.

      You can just cook the noodle and leave all the enhance ingredients aside… Lol… If you worry that much… Lol

    • +5

      Humectant isn't really an enhancer, it helps control moisture.

      Msg is fine in normal quantities, just like table salt, pretty much anything in life (moderation).

      Msg is naturally occurring in many foods and the additive is an inexpensive way of producing umami/savoury taste, one of the five basic tastes.

      • +9

        buys process food but expects it not to be processed

    • +4

      Why do you even look at the instant noodles if you are so concerned about healthy eating?

  • any good??

    • I had the beef and thought it was pretty bad, mushy texture and weak flavour, the pork was ok

      • Yeah I'm surprised to see most people here liking the beef flavour… Won't be buying it again. Pork flavour is great though.

  • +1

    When will we receive instant Ichiran ramen (japanese) at our supermarkets, they are popular food?

    • Ichiran is super expensive IIRC like $50 per box (containing 3 serves) isn't it?

      • +1

        Agree, some of instant noodles are really good in SE Asia, we should import more to Woolcoles, they are superior than most of instant noodles here,.

        • Just walk into any good Asian grocery stores. There are a gazillion types in our local store :)

      • +1

        $45 for five serves

    • I sometimes see Ichiran instant ramen at my local Asian supermarket. I hope they also bring Nakiryu instant ramen here. If I remember correctly they cost about ¥230 in 7-11 stores in Japan.

  • +1

    I like the Roast beef one. I get them from costco, although they are the larger 200gr variety, and a carton of 6 is $16.49, which works out to be $2.75 each.

    • Us too. The spicy ones are also great :)

  • +2

    The new shapes flavours arn't the best

    • -2

      The ones in styrofoam bowls are bigger and better than the paper bowl ones!

    • Pizza, bbq, and maybe chicken crimpy… I've bought almost all the new/limited edition flavours and all have been average or bad

  • My favourite instant noodles since high school!!
    Now my kid's favourite too.

  • (IMHO) They are the best and most expensive instant noodles ever made. You have to understand Asian cusine to appreciate them especially the roast beef one :)
    The Tom Yum ones done by Acecook (coming from Vietnam) are the next best thing (ie affordability and taste with tamarine and lemongrass seasoning (4 satchels)) at $0.80 per packet so we normally buy a whole box. My kids and I often eat them in raw form like crunchy noodles as snacks :)

    • They are the best and most expensive instant noodles ever made.

      Ichiran called on both counts

      • Wow! You are correct but are they the best? For that price, I will rather go to a Pho place in Footscray and enjoy the most "popular" noodle soup in the world :)

    • +2

      lol gatekeeping 2 minute noodles

  • The only noodles I stock at work in case of emergency!

  • I really did not enjoy these noodles

  • I tried the Ichiban Noodle Bowls last time they were 1/2 price and find them to be average.

    I'd rather the Nissin cup noodles.

    • +1

      Nissin cup noodles definitely are the bomb, but they don't have meat :(

  • +1

    Made in Taiwan quality is great

  • Amazon price matched, so free shipping for those prime members:


    • +1

      Damn it, they don't let me do multiples and evade the max limit of six.

  • Instant Pho noodles imported from Vietnam are also great :)

    • Any particular brand?

      I like Hart and Soul Pho, but not cheap.

  • unavailable near me WTF:/

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