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Hey guys,

Just seeing if anyone else has dealt with Officeworks and trying to resolve an "out of warranty" apple MacBook pro. I have read in numerous places that I should only have to deal with Officeworks in this scenario, but Officeworks keeps trying to send me to Apple, ACCC, and even the 3rd party Authorised repairer.

Basic rundown

Macbook Pro, 2019, 15.4" paid $2999 - purchased June 2019 through Officeworks.

Contacted Officeworks who took the item and sent it in for repair.
The local authorised repair place (which is not apple directly) have come back to office works and said "its out of warranty, and going to cost $89 bucks just to look at it, Officeworks have then advised me about the charge.
I have said I expect to have this repaired under consumer law as this is quite an expensive product for its class and expect to last longer than 1 year.
They have advised me that all they need to do is send it off for me.
They told me to contact ACCC, which i did, and they advised me to go back to the seller (Officeworks) which i didn't, and then they suggested to go to Apple.

I think from my research I am in the right here, and Officeworks should really be acting on my behalf, and it shouldn't matter where they send it to get repaired, I should only have to deal with Officeworks.

I have written an email to Officeworks explaining the situation, and am yet to here back, and I know my next step is to take in to consumer affairs in Victoria.

I am just wondering, what others experiences are trying to claim a product under ACL, particularly interested if anyone has dealt with Officeworks for this kind of matter. From what I have gathered, is just a lack of understanding from both staff and managers of their obligations for ACL, but maybe I am completely wrong here.

Edit: adding what is wrong with the computer.

Not sure exactly what is wrong with it. But not due to damage. Just stuck in boot loop and no traditional softwares fixes helped (p ram, internet recovery etc.)

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  • I agree with the ACCC Just go to Apple, it's their product. It'll still be covered under ACL. Computers would be expected to last at least 4/5 years surely.

    Yes it would be convenient going to Officeworks but tbh it's just involving them when they won't really dedicate any resources to resolving the issue in a hurry, this is from experience.

    We're lucky in that Apple does have drop off points and is fairly transparent in the handling of these, after all they did manufacture the product.
    You should maintain your ACL rights by going through them. My previous tech problems i've gone through the manufacturer directly and the process has been much faster/they came out to my house and replaced/fixed everything.

    It is a bit rough that Apple only provides a 1 year warranty, honestly how do they get away with that? Yet people pay top dollar for it.

    Also OP what is wrong with the computer?
    The third party repairer does have a right to charge if they don't find a fault/the fault is caused by misuse, it's more to cover there time in case there's nothing wrong with it. Alternatively if they do find the fault is caused by a failure then by all means you definitely don't have to reimburse them/It'll be Apple who has to pay for the charges.

    • Apple can offer any warranty period they want. Their voluntary warranty does nothing to diminish your statutory warranty rights. This is just the period where you will get no pushback, that's all.

      • Depends what the issue is though, which OP omitted/doesn't know. If it's water damage or been dropped or user damage then wouldn't be covered.

    • Not sure exactly what is wrong with it. But not due to damage. Just stuck in boot loop and no traditional softwares fixes helped (p ram, internet recovery etc.)

  • If you wish to invoke your ACL rights, you will need to do the hard yards like the communication.

    OW should help you within the warranty period as is their obligation, but outside of that you would need to chase yourself.

  • Don’t go to a authorised apple place, go direct and even if Apple try to get you too like if there is one in your town, DONT, tell them they are no good and threaten acc and send to them. Only reason to go to one is if Apple authorise a repair through them.
    Forget Officeworks. Call 1300 321 456.

  • You're correct in that under ACL the retailer is the party that you're meant to dealt with. However, as Officeworks is clearly unaware of their obligations (surprising), you can deal with Apple directly.

    To book a repair, just google Apple repairs, sign in with your Apple ID and make an appointment or send it to them.

  • What's wrong with the computer?

  • Just go to Apple, they will immediately sort this out for you.

    • I’ll give them a call. Melbourne is a little bit of a hike for me, particularly trying to get to an apple place which aren’t in the city.

  • You’re in the right here OP, but i’d just phone Apple…theyre easy to deal with

  • I always go to the manufacturer for any product, unless it is within the first week or so, DOA.
    Such a simple process, book online and drop off at Post Office.
    Going to Officeworks just means there's another set of hands it has to pass through.

  • Thanks all for your help tonight. I will give Apple a call and see if I can get them to deal with the authorised repairer. If not I’ll head to Melbourne and see what they can do there.

  • I always contact Apple directly and they never refuses to help even at time when i purchased pencil and it died after 2 years because I didn’t charge. Contact Apple again and just disregard OW all together.

  • Can’t see any problem with your story, OP.

    From how I understand it, Officeworks have offered to remedy the problem for you. They’ve merely mentioned that there is an $89 fee for inspecting it, i.e if it turns out to be user-caused, then you’re on the hook for $89. This is standard for tech repairs through retailers in my experience (on both sides of the counter). Officeworks don’t have the capacity to verify the fault in store and, as such, have a right to have it inspected before acting on the repair, refund, or replacement. They certainly don’t have to wear the cost of the inspection if it turns out to be user-caused, and you wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t find out about it until it came time to pay.

    As others have said, take it to Apple. I consider their good/quick service with warranty issues to be built into the high price. For example, I recently had my 2017 MBP replaced with the new M1 MBP after having the dreadful butterfly keyboard fail (and require replacing at the Apple store) for a fourth time, and it was purchased at Myer.

  • I have a 20 months old airpod that I bought from OW and got an issue with the mic. Will I be able to get it repaired from Apple as OW refuses to repair or replace.( They say it is out of warranty and can not do much about that)
    Thanks a lot for your input.