Cheap Soju in Melbourne CBD?

Hey all, just a simple question here. Where in Melbourne CBD could you get cheap soju and how much do they cost on average? Thanks! :)


  • I got a few bottles a year ago from KT Mart near the Queen Vic Market. From memory they were about $7ea but varied as they had a large selection behind the counter. Most other places wanted at least $10.

  • There's another KT Mart on Elizabeth St and you can get soju there ranging from $4.50 to $8.

  • I second the KT Mart near Vic market, got some Daisun Soju (made in Busan) for under $10, pretty good, was recommended by the friendly check out ladies as I asked what other brands apart from the usual Chamisul & Cheoeum-Cheoreom out there. They keep their liquor behind the checkout counters so that is something to consider, kind of annoying when you just want to browse but o well, just ask the ladies for their recommendations, they know what to look for.

  • There's 2 good Korean grocers that I go to regularly.
    One is Dae Bark, 342 Flinders St, use to have BIG range of everything but they let it dwindle last year.
    Other is Ace Mart, 365 Lonsdale St, their fridges still seem to be stocked and shelves are full.
    Both have Korean alcohol of course, and its cheap.
    I really like Cass and Hite beer but after 2 you feel like drinking something else.
    Many times I have bought a slab of beer from Dae Bark for under $30!