Does This Laptop Exist?

Looking to buy a new laptop, specs below. I can find laptops that seem to fit almost all categories but one which is a bit annoying. Does anyone know if there is such a device

Must Haves:

  • i7-11th Gen / Ryzen 5000 series
  • Xe integrated (standard on 11th gen I believe) or at least a 1650 / 1650ti dedicated GPU
  • 16gb RAM minimum (happy to go higher)
  • 256GB NVMe SSD (happy to go higher)
  • ultrabook form factor. Ideally a high screen to body ratio, 1.5kg or less and 17mm or less in thickness
  • fast refresh rate panel. (not fussed on HD vs UHD but will take higher, fast refresh is the main goal here. I have a 120hz display on my PC and can't stand anything lower)
  • 16x10 aspect ratio


  • USB C Charging
  • Not fazed on ports however thunderbolt 4 would be good.
  • Matte display preferred but if my only option is touch/glass ill survive.

So far, I really really like the XPS 13 9310, but it's just missing that fast refresh rate which is really hurting my commitment on it. I have also looked at the new Lenovo X1 Gen 9 but I am unsure on the screen and believe its a 60hz panel as well.

Any other ideas?

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  • I believe linus tech tips showed some cool pre-production stuff from asus that might fit the bill… unfortunately at the present, high-refresh rate screens tend to be solely on thicc-boy high-end gaming laptops, if at all.

    • Yeah, I did see the flow X13 which is pretty cool, but I will wait to see a review on the fan noise as i reckon it will be fairly audible at idle. Can't have everything though. I did see the ASUS G14 as well has been upgraded, but I know from last year there were some problems I hope that have been ironed out.

      Hardest thing about this is actually going to have a look at the laptops in person. Most of the devices I am somewhat keen on and might compromise on the display like the Dell 9310 and the Lenovos are only available online except older gen models that pop up here and there.

  • Razer Blade Stealth?

    11th Gen i7
    GeForce 1650ti 4gb
    120Hz FHD matte display
    2x Thunderbolt 4/USB C charging
    Wifi 6

    • That's one cool laptop. I'd take 4k over 1080p 120hz though, would feel kinda silly having visibly big pixels on a $3.5K laptop.

      • I'd say near on impossible to notice pixels on a 1080p display on a 13" laptop.

        I have an X34P at 3440x1440 and that comes in at 110 pixels per inch. A 13" 1920x1080 is 170 pixels per inch (more than 50% pixel density).

        I canot for the life of me distinguish pixles on my X34P so there is no way a HD screen on a 13" laptop will bother me.

    • It’s a consideration, but much like the XPS it has everything except one requirement, the Razer has a 16x9 screen.

      There is a model called the Razer book which has a 16x10 screen, but the refresh rate is only 60hz.

    • fazed

    past tense: fazed; past participle: fazed

    disturb or disconcert (someone).
    "she was not fazed by his show of anger"
  • Is the refresh rate only important for gaming?

    • Not overly. I don’t plan on gaming anything high end, maybe some LOL (which will run on a potato) and Among Us, I wouldn’t be playing any high end AAA. Just don’t have the grunt in slim laptops plus my desktop covers that. P

      The refresh rate is just a nicer experience. If you’ve ever scrolled through webpages or applications on 120 vs 60, it’s hard to go back.

    • I think the main problem I am going to face is that higher refresh rate increases battery usage, so ultrabook form factors generally forfeit a high refresh for a longer battery life.

  • Check the Razer Book out mate.

    • It’s an option, but right now it’s only 60hz. If it was 100+ I’d have been so sold on it. I’ve previously had a blade advanced and it was great, just a bit heavy with the power brick.

      • Curious whether you've settled on something yet?

        • Not yet unfortunately. A lot of the 11th gen stuff still isn’t out yet though, neither is Ryzen 5000 so I’m just going to hold off a a month or two and see how we go.