What’s the Amazon Refund Process?

What happens if you send something back to Amazon for a refund and they don’t approve it?

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    How do you mean they don’t approve it?
    Wouldn’t you first initiate a refund through your account, they then aprove it and provide you a label to print before you send it off?

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    Amazon returns are pre-approved when they send you the returns label. Sometimes you'll even get refunds as soon as you post it (triggers when label scanned at post office) and before it arrives to them. Never heard of a return being rejected but they'll just contact you if there's a problem.

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    Why. Did you do something dodgy?

  • It's Amazon. I just returned something last week. You answer these sort of questions before getting the return label to ship in the first place.

  • amazon a refunders heaven

    • No idea which idiot downvoted you. It's absolutely true. I had an issue with one of my orders recently and they gave me $10 credit (I didn't ask) as an apology.

  • I guess OP never gone through this process hence the question, as above said it's Amazon and 'likely' hassle free if product is genuinely faulty or requires refund, warranty claim etc..

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      You just drop the item off at a Parcelpoint (https://parcelpoint.com.au/), they scan your return barcode and that's it. I assume they have vans making regular pickups.

  • I've found Amazon to be spot on when refunding. Had one issue with a watch sent back to USA that seemed to be taking forever to arrive. Rang Amazon and they credited me there and then. Last few times I've sent something back I had the credit as soon as I dropped it off at newsagent for pick-up.

  • Send it to me and I'll let you know if it's worth returning or not :D

    What is it >?

    • Quest 2. Find it boring

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