Be Warned : Ebay Charging Final Value Fees on their 0$ FVF listings

This is a conversation I had with an Ebay customer service Rep.

Thank you for waiting ****, I see you have a Query regarding the Item you have sold, allow me to share there is an technical glitch or Issue going on with the promotions, where members are being charged with final value fee, even though they list the Items in promotion. We are really sorry that you had to come.
However I have researched and confirm that you have listed the Items in the promotion. So I am crediting the fee back to your account, hope this will make you happy ****."

This is the second time I have had to chase them up to get my final value fee reimbursed. this is very sneaky and unethical IMO

they are hoping most will simply forget or overlook the fact that they have been charged for something they were told would be free. and i'm sure that's exactly what will happen

Just a warning to those that sold during the promotion check your account don't let eBay defraud you.

Sorry if someone has already mentioned this..

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    Gumtree promo also gone. They throw it back to gumtree thar they need to take down the promo on their side

    • Yes, but this particular one Originated from eBay, So no Excuse really ..

    • Are you sure? The gumtree promo was there a few days ago

      • no not the gumtree promo it was the eBay 10 free listings (it was also posted here on ozB) could have been targeted / eBay plus I cant remember regardless its annoying

        and going by other comments it is not a promotion specific Glitch

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      eBay own gumtree so that doesn't really fly…

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      Yeh this worries me, the popup still is there when listing on Gumtree, and it doesn't charge any listing fees when listing it on eBay but the terms and conditions link is gone now so fully expect I'll be charged FVF

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        have to keep your eye on them and contact customer support as soon as they try anything.

      • T & C link on Gumtree is changed to

        but not loadable.

        I just listed one through Gumtree and it did not consume one of my normal eBay 40 monthly listings. It seems still working.

  • eBay is always sketchy about their refunds. Recently made a request to get a refund from eBay Plus. Was told the process would take 7-10 days. Nothing has came through yet.

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      But has it been 7-10 business days yet?

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        Oh mate it's been over a month. Just haven't had time to chase it up.

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          ok yeah thats pretty crappy then.

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    Yeh had this issue with them when they had the sell you console for no final value fee. had to contact them via chat to get it refunded

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    I only sell during these eBay promos and have never been charged any FVFs. Most recent sale was at the start of Jan. So "technical glitch" may well be true - not sure how this is sneaky or unethical. You contacted them and they reimbursed. Where's the issue here?
    I also sold something on Gumtree just a week ago, and the free eBay listing option was definitely there…although I didn't use it this time.

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      well it happened to me twice and they happily charged me the money … had I not been onto it I would never have known..

      since you don't really find out until about a month after you sold its easy to forget .. just wondering how widespread this known glitch is ..

      the problem is not the glitch but the fact they don't seem bothered to fix it unless you complain.

      • had I not been onto it I would never have known
        since you don't really find out until about a month after you sold its easy to forget

        I know things move slowly on eBay - but who's to say you wouldn't have been reimbursed without contact after another month, once they realised their mistake (if they realised their mistake)? You just don't know because you were onto them first.

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          I've had instances when no FVF were credited straight away. The times they weren't they told me I would have to contact them each time I sold an item to ensure I would get the credit back

          • @Danstar: how long did it take for them to contact you? and if they knew why couldn't they just reimburse it i wonder?

            id have thought a month is long enough for them to realise their mistake.

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              @namanuu: I contacted them after a few days to ask about it, as the insertion fee was credited with the promo, but not the FVF. It was credited back on the same day from memory

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    I sold some stuff back in December, I wonder if my listing was meant to be 0 FVF……..

    • might as well shoot off a message to them, they'll check it for you and if they should have given it to you free then they will (hopefully)

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      You can find the sale breakdown for anything sold before 1 Jan through your Seller account.

      Actually, you should have received an invoice from eBay already (if you need to pay fees for sale in Dec).

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    I sold a few items with the Gumtree promotion and for every single sale I had to contact eBay to get the fees reimbursed. I don't know if it was because I had Adblocker extension on or I changed the category or added shipping but it never worked seamlessly for me.

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    My conversation with same rep today

    I understand Emma, however we cannot track the promotions of Gum tree from here, so I suggest you to not to follow any kind of Gum tree promotions, Just follow ebay promotions in future.

    do not worry as a one time courtesy I will credit you the fee charged on the " Item number", I hope you are aware now and this makes you happy?

    My 2 free Gumtree imports a month never track.

    • Yeah a bit shoddy on their part ..

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    Ebay have been running a sell 2 items for no FVF or insertion fees promotion (invitation), the current one is from 1-14 Feb.
    Problem is the server they use for the promotion and terms and conditions ( is unreachable.
    Initially they had broken SSL (so no web pages worked) and they've now removed the DNS entry.
    It's been dead for quite a few days now.
    I was charged FVF for the last one of these in January and had to spent 2 hours on an ebay chat to get the fees reversed.
    This time the offer doesn't even register that the items have been listed.
    I'm currently chatting to Ebay to see what can be done.

    • yeah that T's n C's page has never worked for me …

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    Yes thanks for this warning since managed payments I've had 3 no final value fee offer sales all charged fee and have had to contact Ebay, one was a Ebay promotion and 2 gumtree.

    Annoyingly rep told me wait 15 days and you will be credited and I knew this would never happen and still chasing up almost 3 weeks later and then the next one they refunded instantly.

    I'm wondering who we could contact to bring Ebay to account for this?

    EDIT :I'm chatting to Ebay now - they just said "The credits on fees are under promotions only. There are multiple promotions on our website that require the customer to contact us because we have to manually check the eligibility of the listing for the credit. I hope you understand that this is system generated but I try to make the process as hassle free as possible."

    • Im amazed at how after months, they are still trying to act like they know nothing about this well known issue?! Really unethical of ebay.

  • Wow, I cannot believe this "technical glitch" has been happening since January. I am going through this at the moment and what a pain in the backside. I listed about 30 items during the 2 week managed payments promo for no final value fees in March and none of them linked. I have had 5 different chats now to get my money back but they are like a broken record, they repeat the same thing over and over, no matter how much info you provide them. All up spent about 3.5 hours on chat with them.

    They "promise" you they will sort it out then try and pull no there was no promo at the time. You then have to keep all your previous chat transcript numbers to provide them proof, which again some of them will not even read. Some of them are really plain rude and ignorant, only once ive come across a guy that refunded it within minutes. You usually get transferred between 3 people too.

    Sounds like this glitch is not really much concern, i can imagine how many people they are collecting the final value fees from without realising.

    I got another promo the other day for 5 items final value fee free and listed 3 items, none of them have registered properly, still showing I got 5. Contacted chat about it and apparently its still a known issue and "promise" a note will be on my customer card about it. So now you also gotta keep track which 5 were listed first, date, item number etc…

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    I also find eBay selling offers are like scams. Basically they will send you multiple selling offers which don't activate properly and then they make up rules as they go along as to which offer takes effect. For example, if you accept the offer to sell and get 10% and another offer to list for max $1 final value fee. If you sell an item for $1000 you will be charge over $100 final value fee while you have only got $50 stupid ebay voucher (that is the max you can get back for that 10% selling offer). Of course you have no way to select which offer to choose when you list the item so the eBay reps just send you around in circle. When you chat to some, you get them to fix it and credit the fees back while for others they said you should know better than to accept multiple offers from eBay. Go figure!

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    Hi all, I'm interested to know how everyone is going, are people still getting charged these fees incorrectly?

    I am and have been in touch with fair trading who also suggested i contact ACCC to report this.

    Can I ask anyone with this problem to do the same. Hopefully they can hold ebay accountable and stop this behaviour.

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    Same, have the excuse that they're waiting for Gumtree to approve the promotion but it's been weeks now.

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    Same here major issues owed $730 in FVF as items were quite pricey. The Gumtree link used, and imported as instructed but Ebay chat are absolutely useless - almost as helpful as a bot.

    The typical response is to fob you off 3-5 days every complaint, the first one was you have to wait at least 10-15 days. It's now been 40.

    Dont know if we can all raise the same complaint to ACCC/Ombudsmen - just not sure how to go about it. Its theft and tricks gumtree users into using ebay with no recourse on their end. Absolute deception.

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      Do raise it, I have reported but strength in numbers is needed.

    • Sold something 2 days ago ebay is being even more brazen with their sell free(gumtree conversion)!!! then get charged the fees anyway(ebay is now managing the entire payment process funny how they can work that out but they still cant get the fees thing right… its pretty dodgy now i have to find a time when they are online to try get my ~12% back

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    Further to all the above, I have also made an ACCC and Fair Trading complaint about this today. Several promises to repay the fees with missed deadlines, and still waiting.

    • thanks for reminding me ebay promised me that i would be getting my fees back but same thing .. it really triggers me .. not the money the fact that they are being so devious

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