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Samsung Jet 90 Pro Vacuum Cleaner + Bonus Clean Station - $859 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Good price for the Samsung Jet 90 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Motorised tool for pet hair or bedding
Vacuum Cleaner and mop
Powerful vacuum suction up to 200W*
Up to 1 hour run-time*
4 accessories + Turbo action brush and mopping tool
Z Station - Store and Charge
Advanced 5-layer dust filtration
Jet Cyclone Technology to help trap fine dust
Easy to clean washable dustbin
Ergonomic telescopic wand with adjustable height

Now out of stock but can still be ordered.

Bonus Samsung Clean station (usually $339) - Samsung Clean Station VCA-SAE90A

Promotional Period : 21/01/2021 until 28/01/2021

Offer strictly available on purchases made online at appliancesonline.com.au. Offer only available on the Samsung Jet VS90 (VS20R9045T3). Offer available from 21/01/2021 until 28/01/2021 while stocks last and/or unless otherwise withdrawn or extended.

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  • $540 (39%) off RRP of $1,399

  • Waiting for OzB reviews on this one…

    • Don't have one but it's rated very highly


    • I've had mine delivered on Monday and coming from the Dyson V10, this seems to be a much better build quality.

      The amount of accessories that come with this is incredible and well worth the money (plus the bonus clean station at the moment).

      Mop attachment works quite well and, compared to the Dyson, I enjoy not having to keep pushing a button to clean.

    • That's a great price.

      Coming from a Dyson V8, the Jet picks up much more dust in carpet, i think cos the roller head has a firmer rubber rotary bit in addition to the soft bristles like the V8. The firmer rubber bit must be dusting/moving the carpet piles a lot more than the V8, as you can hear the resistance the rotary is having on the carpet with the Jet unlike the V8. I use low or medium power on carpet with the Jet.

      I have the hardfloor roller instead of the mop (got the Complete pack instead of the Pro pack), and it's excellent. It does much better than both the V8 roller and the Jet's carpet roller which both don't pick up everything and sometimes its rotary brush just flings things around on the hard floor. With the hardfloor roller I use low or medium power.

      The nozzle is extendable unlike the V8. I use medium power.

      The brush has long bristles and is much bigger than the Dyson equivalent. It's one thing that Dyson is better at in a way - the smaller size of the Dyson brush with shorter bristles means that it works better on normal power, compared to medium power on the Jet. The bigger Jet brush does let bigger rubbish get sucked up tho without getting stuck in the smaller brush hole of the Dyson. For the Jet brush i use medium power for couches/car seats with the bristles retracted, and high power when the bristles are deployed and when i'm sucking up bugs.

      I haven't really used the mini roller on either the Jet or V8 so can't comment on that.

      Ergonomically the telescopic pole makes the Jet more adjustable and comfy to use.

      The angled attachment is adjustable and makes it easy to reach on top of pelmets, doors etc.

      Without the cleaning station, the Jet is already much easier to clean compared to the V8. The cleaning station makes it completely painless for someone with allergies.

  • hi. any comparisons between this and the dyson v11?

  • Description is false. It's not free delivery except to very limited areas.

  • You can also get this through the Samsung EPP store at a similar price with free delivery if you’re eligible through your employer.

    Have personally got one of these recently and am so far quite happy with it. Noting though this is my first stick vac so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  • Does $859 in anyway reflect the manufacturing cost of these things? Or are they just charging it because they can?

    • Much like the very expensive top end Dyson vacuums, there's a demand and people will keep buying them regardless of price.

      The same logic applies to Apple and Samsung. Those phones do not cost anywhere near $1500 to manufacture.

      • yeah. probably costs lots more if you paid a normal wage to all the slaves required in the supply & manufacture chain.

  • Is the soft roller included with this one?

  • Keep in mind if you have hardwood floors you'll also have to buy the soft roller head attachment for $149.

    Bought this with that attachment recently and have been super happy with it. Easy to use and does a great job. The mopping you have to stop and wet the heads pretty often. I think it may be easier to walk around with a spray bottle.

    The mop is good though, def less of a workout than regular mopping and probably does a better job.

    Note: the mop does not vacuum at the same time.

    I went with this because of the above posted vacuum wars review + its lighter than the dyson and easier to use.

    Its your best option for a top end vacuum unless you have lots of carpet in which case you're better off with the dyson v11 absolute.

    I missed out on the free cleaning station but tbh, i dont want it. Just takes up more space and I just take it out to the wheelie bin and empty directly in there.

  • EPP gov store
    Jet 90 - $799.20
    Jet 90 Pro - $799.20
    Jet 90 complete - $879.20

    All eligible for the free vacuum cleaner cleaner (Silver clean station). Valid from 21-27 jan

  • Hi, anyone knows, where to get soft roller brush only. the whole unit cost about 149. but I would like to replace the brush only.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Received mine last week. Very good build and pickup more dirt than Dyson V10. One battery last 4 bedroom house (carpet clean) .

    Well worth for money. Never go back to Dyson again!