Make international calls - not Skype

I'm on a newish JB/ Telstra contract. The new plan does not allow me to enable the $10 unlimited international call option through Telstra.

I was wondering what folks here use to make international calls to their non-techy folks who do not use things like WhatsApp, Facetime etc.

I am currently using Skype where I pay by the minute for a phone call to my folks home phone. The connection is always bad and there is a lot of static and my neighbour hears my better than my parents. Are there any cheap options out there for international calls? Happy to pay $10 a month if it means a good line. I have a dual sim phone if it helps.

Thanks in advance.


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    I run a PBX at home that connects to a SIP Trunk through Australian Phone Company

    I get calls to most countries at a few cents per minute, and at the amount of time I call this equates to a few dollars a month including number rental.
    I can request a number in almost any postcode around Australia, or many places overseas, so if I am calling locally in the UK a lot I can get a local UK number that routes to me.

    When I am home, the calls go to a desk phone in my office, and when I am out, the PBX routes them to my mobile.

    Its a bit technical so not for everyone, but if you are a tinkering type its not hard to setup!

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    Use rebtel. It calls both caller and callee so the connection is usually great, along with good rates.

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    Viber out, if you need multiple countries. Cheaper with discounted iTunes/Google play gift cards. Can call using a PC too which is quite great. I have noticed poor voice quality when calling not so popular countries though.

    Rebtel is neat too as it has unlimited calling plans to specific countries though again sometimes the voice quality can be poor depending on your internet connection.

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    There are multiple options, depending on where you call. VOIP providers usually have very good rates for international calls. And when I was using one, the cost was very competitive.

    Currently, I no longer use a VOIP provider for international calls because my Boost Mobile has a number of international destinations that fall under unlimited free calls. I only really call three different countries regularly, and each country is included in their offer. I don't even have to pay extra.

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    Google Hangouts app lets you make cheap international phone calls, have also used Viber.

    There are also many SIP VOIP providers and a number of SIP phone apps such as Zoiper that you can set up with them

    Skype Out is a ripoff as your credit will expire frequently

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    Most of my family/relatives use Mytello. They say it is great for making international calls to landline phones.

  • Why wouldn't you use whatsapp etc… severely handicapping yourself by not using a free service.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll look into them =)

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