Embedded Electricity/Gas Units

My partner bought a place off the plan 5 years ago, before we met.
We moved in December and I told her that I would take care of the switching the providers. Found out it's a embedded unit by Origin, from my limited understanding, I thought this was illegal here in NSW? Consumers must be given a choice.

To be honest, what Origin is offering is 86cents/day supply charge and 22centsKWH, which isn't too bad.
It's the gas that's BS, I'll bring it down below
Hot Water 71cents/day supply charge
Unmetered cooktop 24.914cents/day
Hot Water 1.5cents per litre of hot water

I'm already looking at over $86 in supply charge for gas alone, that's even more than my friend who lives with 2 others and their entire gas bill is $66/quarter.

What are my options here? What do I need to be able to change Gas providers if that's even possible?