Will The Samsung Fast Charge AC Charger 45W Charge a 2020 MacBook Pro at The Full Speed?

Hello OzB community,
I am thinking about getting the Samsung 45W fast charger from here and was wondering if it will charge a 2020 MacBook Pro 13 inch at its full potential? Has anyone had an experience with this charger and charging a MacBook Pro with it?


  • No. You need 61W.

    • What wattage will it charge the MacBook at then?
      Will it charge at 45W? Sorry I poorly worded the post, I meant to say if it will charge at the full wattage of the charger not the full potential of the macbook

  • I have a cheap multi usb charger, with USB-C 18w PD and it charges my Macbook Pro 16" overnight. I was amazed that it worked… The one it came with is about 90w and Ive used a cheaper 60w PD from Amazon but having it work on the 18w was gobbsmacking and it also results in a cooler, slower recharge which makes for a longer battery life overall… Very happy

    • Wow that’s an awesome idea, thanks for bringing that to light. I have a 27W PD blitzwolf USB c charger, I will use that for overnight charging now. Thanks so much for the tip!