for Educators Teachers - Possibly a Deal? Possibly a Freebie?

I'm not a teacher so i can't go through the application process to see the pricing to post it or even know if it's worth posting or available here. i thought a teacher might see this and be interested though. it could be a free beta test?

Brilliant for Educators

Bring Brilliant into your in-person or remote classroom with our free Education plan. Access interactive lessons, problem solving, classroom tools, and more!

Who is eligible?

To qualify for Brilliant for Educators you must:
* Be an educator in an eligible classroom
* Verify your education status

Eligible online or in-person classrooms or education programs include:

  • K-12 schools
  • Accredited colleges and universities, post-graduate institutions, trade schools, polytechnics, or colleges
  • Online courses led by an instructor
  • Bootcamps, workshops, or coding academies

Brilliant does not provide free Brilliant for Educators for:

  • Self-directed education
  • Tutors and tutoring centers
  • Educational programs affiliated with organizations whose primary purpose is non-educational


Education accounts are valid for two years. If you are still an educator at the end of the two years, you can reapply for educator status.

How do I apply?

You can apply here. To verify your Education status, we’ll need to know some information about you. This includes the details of your education program or learning environment. We will notify you via email to confirm whether your application was successful. Once verified, you can create classes, invite your students, and assign content.


Brilliant for Educators is currently in closed beta, and will accept a limited number of schools for early access.

Are there any restrictions or requirements for use?

Brilliant for Educators allows you and your students to access up to 3 courses for free, in addition to access to classroom resources and Daily Challenges. You can add, remove, and change courses around as much as you’d like throughout the year. We also want to make sure your and your students’ subscriptions are being used regularly, so we’ll be checking in from time to time.

I have multiple classrooms I’d like access for. Can I do that?

You can create up to 5 classes for your enrolled students, with up to 50 students in each class. Each class can have different courses, and students can be in multiple classes.

Is Brilliant content aligned with any state or federal learning standards?

While we have relevant content across most levels and topics in math, science, and computer science, Brilliant courses don’t align perfectly with any standardized curriculum or learning standards. We are focused on leading students to do, understand, and be captivated and inspired by STEM, rather than teaching to a particular test. You can view all of our courses here and click “Read more” on any course page to see all of the topics covered.

Will I be able to monitor my students’ activity?

You’ll be able to see if your students have started, finished, or are still working on each quiz in your assigned courses, as well as when every student last logged in. We do not yet offer any additional assignment or gradebook features.

What about student privacy?

We do not share, sell, or otherwise disclose any personal information of Brilliant for Educators students. Brilliant relies on the teacher/school to obtain formal consent from students and their parents/guardians to participate in Brilliant for Educators. Teachers must agree to the Brilliant for Educators Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before creating a classroom.