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Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea 100 Bags $2.75 @ Woolworths


Dilmah premium quality tea bags 100 pack half priced at Woolworths currently.

Extra strength is 40% off. 100 pack for $4

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  • Yesterday Coles was 50% off,think soon this will be 50% off again

  • Definitely my goto Tea.

  • I only use loose leaf Dilmah. Coles only sells the single packs which were on 1/2 price special last week, unadvertised. Not sure why. WW still has the twin packs which were 1/2 price a year or two ago. That's a good deal if it comes around again.

  • Love these. I prefer the loose leaf tea but a good tea bag is always handy

  • How does this brand compare against other brands? I just bought heaps of Twinings for the family last week when they were 50% off @ $5.60 for the 100 or 80 bags.

    • Not much of a difference in my opinion, but I have my tea with milk

    • Best tea for my palate, hands down. I'm no connoisseur but it's by far the best tea, beats Lipton's & Twinings by a country mile for me. YMMV.

      A very well rounded flavour without the bitterness of other tea's.

    • I personally prefer Dilmah over Twinnings. It has more flavour…

    • It's the best IMO as well

  • will this be all gone when i go there sometime this week?

  • This tea is delicious

  • best Sri Lankan Tea, worth of money.