Know Any Discount Places to Buy Bathroom/Kitchen Accessories Like Towel Rails, etc?

Obviously bunnings, etc. but wondering if anyone knows any outlet type places that might sell items in Brisbane or who will ship. TIA.


  • It really depends if you want the cheapest no brands available,or you want top of the range brands. Which one do you prefer?

    • Definitely not top of the range. Anything as long as it's not going to fall of in a week and take the wall with it. Just budget stuff that looks ok.

      • IKEA brogrund series is pretty good. I bought a stainless steel toilet roll holder from ikea and it worked out to be a similar price to a comparable chrome plated holder from Bunnings

          • @dmbminaret: I was thinking of getting that towel rail too. The finish on my current chrome plated one has started to pit. Hopefully IKEA’s stainless steel is good (doesn’t rust/corrode)

            • @Worf: Hopefully. Time will tell I guess. I'm equally concerned with the attachments to the wall. On the ones I'm replacing, the grub screws got all weak and loose and the rail was hanging off.

              • @dmbminaret: Oh that’s unusual… I’ve never had one (grub screw) fail… it might get loose, but it’s easy to tighten with an Allen key. You might be able to buy a replacement screw if that’s the only thing wrong with it…

                As for fastening to the wall, I’m not a fan of drilling into tiles. The holes can be unsightly if you change things up… at least with gyprock, you can fill and paint and no one will notice…

  • Shop from ebay or gumtree. Got some good bargains there.