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ASICS Novablast Platinum Men’s Running Shoes $89.99 (Was $240) + Delivery/Free C&C @ Rebel


Found this deal today and found it too hard to pass up. I needed new running shoes, so I bought two pairs from my local store.
Check availability online at your local store or buy online for delivery.
Price now up to $159.99.

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  • Store in title pls

    Also, would you know how this compares to the more supportive models like the kayano?

  • These don't compare to kayanos and the like, these are more basic foam running shoes at low-midrange price point.

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      these aren't basic foam running shoes, its not a stability shoe like kayano but many people found the novablast to be one of the best running shoes in 2020

      • I didn't say basic, I said more basic. For me they were quite unstable underfoot but very light. Anyway the good thing about this place is the range of views and experience.
        There are many forums online that give quite detailed reviews on a wide range of running shoes I recommend checking them out.

    • dead wrong. See other reply.

  • Great deal! Have been eyeing these off for a while. Couldn't resist at this price.

  • Thanks op

    Got it for 76.50 using 15% gift card from optus reward gateway (optus employees) it's usually 10% but was 15% off today

  • I have re-joined the gym and need to drop about 15kg I picked up the last year.. lookong for some new shoes. Mainly going onto the treadmill and bicycle with some machines for muscles.. is this a good shoe to use or should I rather get a Trainer shoe?

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      this shoe is a tad unstable for gym work, and the high stack height isn't ideal for cycling

      • What would you recommend for gym and cycling?

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          treadmill running and cycling in the gym probably just anything with a more moderate stack height compared to the novablast or just any standard everyday trainers like nike pegasus, new balance 880 or asics cumulus, also depends if you need stability in a shoe

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              @kiitos: theres nothing wrong with high stack height shoes for gym, its just the novablast is infamous for being unstable especially for people newer to running or has over-pronating problems

              • @chac: Thanks Chac I think you just saved me some money. I use Nimbus on the long run days (road and gym) but wanted a cheap pair of shoes to rotate on days where I will do very light runs (i.e. 2km), stairs and some weights (currently this role is done by my previous shoes). I was not really sure on them but after seeing your comments and watching some reviews I don't think these shoes are for me (chiefly because I don't think they will give me the support need)

  • so cheap!!

    but too many shoes in my rotation now and not enough running :(

  • this is a great running shoe and an absolute bargain! after watching the youtube vids from shoe gurus (kofuzi, seth james demoor, jaimeson michael) i bought this shoe and am very happy with my purchase.

    Used for everyday easy runs and faster paced runs, very cushiony and bouncy

    If you want to use as a cross trainer eg. gyming and things maybe avoid

  • insane price, thanks op

  • Thanks OP, I picked up 2 pairs to replace my Zoom Fly 3s

  • code for free shipping: RSXMW4W9P5

  • Anyone recommend placements for Nike Free RN, I'm too fat to run, but run and awesome pair of low quality shoes

  • Been looking for a new pair of running shoes. Thanks!

  • Got a pair of size 12s thanks! Can’t wait to sit on my couch and see if they make me run faster In AC Valhalla.

  • Thanks. Didn't need them so I bought some 👍

  • Going to try these. The Kayano's feel like clogs when I run in them. Just so heavy. Much prefer the flyknit Nike React type shoes. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, my Ultraboost just hit 1200km so was looking to upgrade and these have some good reviews for road runners.
    Picked up for $84.59 with 6% off suncorp GC

  • thanks Op, got me a pair!

  • absolute bargain (compared to $150 on sale at footlocker)! thanks OP!

  • Cheers, grabbed a pair. Used RSXMW4W9P5 for free shipping

  • Thanks OP and dafatha for the free shipping code.
    Grabbed a pair so I can stop wearing out my trail runners on the road.

  • When I clicked the link it’s showing 89. But when I choose a size price goes up to 150. Is this deal in store only?

  • Price has now up to $159.99 which is still an $80 discount on full RRP.

  • The price was back to $89.99 again this morning and grabbed a pair