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ASICS GEL-Kayano 27 Men’s Running Shoe $119.99 (Was $259.99) + Shipping/Free C&C @ Rebel Sport


Great shoe at a great price. Only Blue/Grey colour available for this price but all limited sizes from US8, US9 & US14 are currently in stock for online ordering. Check local stores for other sizes.

Don’t forget cashrewards or ShopBack for up to 3.5% cashback also.

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  • I'm getting all sizes but US8 and 14 unavailable online and not in stock at all sores near me in Melbourne.

    • Hmmm seems it’s changed. You are correct. Some of the others are showing unavailable now. I can still see 9 also online. I’ve updated the description. Thanks.

  • Doesn't look like any stock in Sydney.

  • Bought 2x Size 9 (1 for me and 1 for the old man). Great pair of shoes and the cheapest I've seen it for.

    Delivery was free for me after spending $150 or more

  • Wowza that's a great price

  • Not available..

  • Apply code RSXMW4W9P5 and you get free shipping too!

  • phew, none available around me. i was going to buy them but i don't need them.

  • Great price. Unfortunately Wide size (2E) not on sale for me

  • Sydney seems to be sold out

  • You probably need the Nimbus, not the Kayano.

    • The are both ASICS best product, Kayano for moderate pronation/stabiliy.
      Nimbus a neutral lightweight.

  • Damn, these are my shoes! Great price!

  • Damn it! I have a pair of Kayano 25 from last year unworn yet.

    These are my shoes, too. Had 23 and 24 before.

  • Sold out everywhere by the look of it, sadness

  • Only US14 left

  • Got excited too early… Such a rookie mistake on OzBargain

  • Bought these for $200 two months ago and after wearing them for a month some crooks stole them from my front door.

    I really wanted to buy them for $119.99 but missed. Hope others could grab some.

  • Wonder if other stores will start clearing too?

  • Is new model coming soon?

  • Wow for once there's something in my size!

  • My size 14 still available. Thanks OP! Finally there's a benefit to being this size apart from just having a huge penis

  • Delivery unavailable ☹️

  • $140 discount on Kayanos from Rebel!!

    What are the chances of these orders being cancelled tomorrow?

      • Guessing you’ve had a bad experience or got fitted with the wrong size but I’ve had kayanos for 8 years and never had an issue with them. I’ve run well over 10,000km combined in them. I’ve had no issues with toes caving in.

        • Nope, Kayano 26s had the same issue too.

          They're extremely comfy, untill this issue happens.

  • Looking to get the Kayano Gel Lite for running

  • Bought my first ASICS the other week and damn, it's the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn.

  • I usually buy a pair of Kayano every year. I always try them on first to make sure its good and comfortable. But for the kayano 27 was first time I bought site unseen (from Kogan White/Pure Silver). When I got it, it felt uncomfortable and very tight, and the shoe lace is a bit shorter than all others I had before. I read somewhere that Kayano 27 had major changes from previous 26. So I was disappointed, I went on ebay to buy a pair of 26 as I know the 26 were very comfortable as I had a pair already. Could it be Kogan has sold me a fake pair ? I did write email to complain but got no response.

  • If they're anything like the GT 2000's I bought a few months back (October), they'll fall apart very quickly.
    ASICS (to their credit) replaced them under warranty and now the replacement pair are doing the same after a few weeks.

    I used to swear by ASICS, but after watching their quality slowly decline over the years, I won't be buying another pair.

    • Which part fell apart?

    • Sigh. I bought GT 1000's in August and not only did I have to go up 0.5 in sizing because they were so tight, they have lost their quality of ride and durability. The insides began to shred quickly (I've had to tape up the inside heel on both feet) the fore foot has really worn away.

      Pleasingly, the back sides have stood up to the pounding (I'm a flat-footed over-pronator who walks 10,000 steps every day) but the rest has been below par. I bought them from Catch for $90 and despite my initial excitement, I'm skeptical about going back.

  • D'oh - looks like this has been Ozbargain'd. Been looking for these.

  • Missed out :( great price

  • A very overrated shoe.

    Great for around the garden but don't run in them unless you're happy for them to fall apart.

    • Haha kayanos for gardening? Maybe after 1,000ks they're good for the garden.

      • Yeah, good for gardening.
        I’ve had half a dozen pairs and would get 3-400km out of them, I’d happily accept 1000km.
        It is a known issue and I’ve had them replaced by Asics and by the retailer free of charge after a few months of running. I’ve since tried Brooks 650km in and there is some wear on the tread similar to Kayanos at the 200km mark.

  • How do these compare with Brookes Adrenaline for arch support?

  • regular price 180

  • Great shoes, not sure about the newer models but I still have my Kayano 18s and they are perfectly fine still.
    Was recommended by a runner for shin splints.
    Bought a pair of 27s as well.