Vet Costs- Was this a reasonable consult fee

My cat's eye Left was slightly red on the side- so it didnt improve after a few days so i took it to the vet- near liverpool, Sydney

For a 10min consult he charged $100 - i've been to him in the past

He gave some antibacterial ointment and steroid which was around $20 on top.

Wondering if that was an average cost for something like this? I got not much understanding- just have a new cat we got from the pound few months ago.

I dont mind paying but was thinking if there is anyone around Liverpool that is good and relatively cheaper.

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  • I guess it depends on where you live, and the vet that you consult. The consult fee does seem a little steep to me, but any veterinary medications inevitably cost an arm and a leg unfortunately.

    If it were me I’d potentially shop around, but that being said it can be sometimes hard to find a vet that you trust, and who is reliable. So, yeah. :/

    • i thought GPs get $30 from medicare so thought $100 would be excessive just for 10min. Yeah i dont really know the guy- hes elderly so i assume he's knowledgeable -___=

      • Yeah, it’s just one of those things you know. :/ There’s no Medicare for pets obviously so it’s not really comparable, in my opinion anyway.

        Costs to see a physician in the United States are much higher than here, so over there I would imagine vet fees and physician fees might not be that different. But because we have publicly funded healthcare it’s much more affordable.

  • It might seem exxy but no one in the vet industry makes any money. From the vets to the nurses, they are all highly educated and very poorly paid ☹️

  • I had the exact same thing and my vet charged around $100. completely different area

  • Wait till your pet needs an operation or something serious…

  • It's 10 minutes for the consult and probably 10 minutes for the notes and the medicine documentation. Reason it's $100 and not $30 is because vet costs aren't covered by Medicare. :( Follow up might be on the house though

  • Vets, Plumbers, Barristers… all have the same rate.

  • I went to 3 different vets around my area in Melbourne rencently, and the charges were $125 ,$75 and $55. All were general consultation without any health related issue. Tthe cheapest one turned out to be the most professional out of the 3, the vet was able to give me in depth answers to my concerns on my dog.

    I think it's like a GP, if you have got the time and money, you just have to rely on trial and error until you find one that you think it's good and stick with them.

    • Hey, which vet was the $55 / most professional one?

      I just got a rescue cat so need to register with a good vet.

      Thanks in advance

  • hows kitty now?

  • My local vets cost around $65-$90 for them to say
    "awww what a beautifullll dawgiiieeeeee she looks pretty good to me don't you think? im sure its nothing. Oh look Shes SMILING :DDD AWWWHH gud puppy have this $10 a piece liver treat!"

  • Did he do any tests on the eye? This may have also increased the consult fee.