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Seiko SARB033 Men’s Watch $899 (Was $995) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Save 10% on the Seiko SARB033 Men’s watch @ Amazon AU. Seems like a good price based on the last couple of months.

Don’t forget 6% cashback!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    When did this watch get so expensive?

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      Was thinking the same thing. I bought one in late 2019 for $500

    • the sarb035 well over the 1k mark now..

    • Cease of production along with well received reviews throughout the watch community will do that. SARBs have been hailed as the "budget Grand Seiko" for a while and it's only going to get more expensive as time goes on.

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        Not even close to GS, the movement is only a 6r15. The finishing is only a $500 watch level.

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          You're not wrong, both movement and finishing are not what I'd call exceptional for the current prices (though back when these was sub $400 landed they were very good values).
          What this and the sarb035 have going for them, and imo is the main justification for all the "baby grand seiko" comparisons, is the proportion.
          It's simply not possible (at least for me so far) to find a decent looking watch that is sub 40mm, date only, with a simple dial and case (and just enough flairs). For most Seiko fanbois like myself, this means something that looks like a GS without the GS pricetag.
          Some of the old 5s were 38mm but their finishings left a lot to be desired (but then again they are very affordable) and were always date/day.
          The closest would be sarb017 and its iterations, but these often feature an extra crown, and thus inner bezel, with dials and indices that are a touch too fancy for an everyday dress watch.
          I'm not saying these (sarb033 & 035) are worth the current asking prices, but it's simply not easy to find decent alternatives if you like the GS proportions.

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            @zonra: Very good points, back when you could get these for that $300-400 they were fantastic value. One of the best watches you can get for the money and they work in most situations.

            From memory I paid a bit over $300 for mine (a SARB033) on one of those xx% off ebay deals back in 2016 or 17

          • @zonra: Try 1. Tissot gentleman powermatic 80 silicum, rrp 1250, but 900-1000 from AD easy, with Australian warranty. online is even cheaper.
            2.seiko alphinst, different dial color, starbuy does sales every now and then around 750, 6r35, still 6r movement, but 70hrs power reserve.

          • @zonra: Duplicated

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      Lots of cashed up people with strange tastes for watches that don't keep time too well.

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    Agree. Very good watch - was looking to buy a couple of years ago from the Seiko store in Melbourne, about $500. Was too petite for my wrist, though.

  • I have been looking for the white dial one (SARX033 ?) for a while now, but sadly its over $1k, which is too rich for my liking.

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    Oof. This watch is getting expensive

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    It was well received because it was extremely good value.
    At this price, it is just overpriced. Not worth it at all

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    $1000 I can buy a tissot or Hamilton with powermatic 80 movement, longer power reserve, better accuracy.

    • Is it better finished

      • I have one tissot gentleman powermatic 80 blue dial, from local AD, very good finishing, there are lots of videos on YouTube you could check. Rrp 1250, I got mine for $950, not the cheapest I know , but ok.
        The powermatic 80 movement is definitely a better movement than 6r, 80 hrs, silicum so anti-mag, mine is not cosc certified, but tissot has the cosc certified watch with the exact same movement, so this movement is a cosc level, and mine is +3 spd. The different position variance is much smaller as well, from +2 to +7spd I tested in different positions. I have seiko watches with 4r and 6r, the position variance is much worse, could be from -20 to +6spd in different positions, both, 6r is slightly better, but not much.

  • Amazing. I threw my Seiko Automatic away a long while ago for a Seiko Quartz watch for time accuracy. Now I only use Citizen Eco-drive (solar) watches which can hold the time accurately for half the price with titanium band and saphire glass. I had a few damaged automatic watches from being dropped from a low height! Times have changed!

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      Agreed. It gets wanky after a while.

      Buy a bloody decent citizen Eco drive watch and save up for a 911

  • The new high yield investment watch

  • really isn't thast great of a watch…
    I bought this back in 2017 for $350 and sold in 2019 for $560

    The 6R15 movement is quite good but isn't that great, now replaced by 6R35 that is significantly better.
    The crystal on this watch is also super reflective which was annoying me to the point that I sold it :P

    • I mean… it's still a pretty nice watch :P

      For this price though, I'd probably steer towards something like the Tissot powermatic as mentioned above. I think the blue dial version of that will be my next purchase

  • I have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to buy, but the price keeps going up.